Hey, gang!  Today we’re continuing with our Spring Preview series with a focus on Spring colors 2022.  Simply stated, Spring colors this year are bright and arguably bolder than recent years.  “Very Peri”—the new shade of periwinkle—took Pantone’s 2022 color of the year.  But bright yellows, orangey-reds, and blues are on-trend.  Stylecaster has colors like 

  • tangy lime; 
  • hot orange; 
  • cerulean; and
  • radiant yellow

as in-for-Spring.  If you poke around other fashion magazines and websites you’ll see similar palettes.  

Spring colors 2022

Today’s post is super simple:  I’ve rounded up 5 bright colors I’m loving this year and dug into the archives to show you different ways to style each color.  Those (general) colors are:  

  • purple; 
  • yellow; 
  • pink;
  • orangey-red; and 
  • blue. 

Anyone who follows me regularly knows I love neutrals.  But I have and will continue to embrace color any chance I get.  No doubt “bright and bold” can sometimes be difficult to incorporate into our wardrobe.  But remember, there are a lot of ways to introduce color pops into your classic wardrobe.  If you’re not a fan of colorful tops or bottoms, try a handbag or scarf.  If you’re on the fence about “yellow”, try pairing yellow shoes with a pair of black or white pants.  

Have fun this Spring looking for new and interesting ways to introduce color into your closet.  And as silly as it sounds, remember: a little color goes a lot further than we might think in a world that often seems dark. 

2022 new arrivals 

For each featured color, I’ve rounded up 12 new arrivals I’m loving from 3 retailers: 

I’m really enjoying each’s Spring collection.  You can shop my picks by clicking on the widgets at the end of each section.  You’ll see many of my picks in the upcoming weeks. 


everlane ecru denim, ann taylor floral blouse, j.crew italian cashmere sweater, ann taylor suede pumps, ralph lauren belt, ralph lauren handbag

Shop purple (click below)



beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a yellow slicker from Talbots, white denim, anchor sweater, polka dot and striped scarf, and striped flats

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a ruffled yellow blouse, white denim, jean jacket, suede driving mocs, and a red camera handbag

beth from Style at a Certain Age wears a Boden yellow blazer, chambray shirt, white denim and striped shoes

Shop yellow (click below)


Shop pink (click below)


Shop orangey-red (click below)


neal's yard remedies frankincense lift serum and cream

Shop blue (click below)

In case you missed it

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