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Women wear a lot of hats during the day. Don't we? We love to garden, read, play golf, tennis, or pickleball. We pack our suitcases and head out of town on weekend getaways. And who doesn't love a week or two spent in Italy?! There's no slowing down in our second act of life. And I'm thrilled to share snippets of my life with you, whether it is a cocktail on Fridays with Oscar or how I went gray.

This Mother’s Day, Hair Biology is taking things a step further and celebrating all women and their leadership and inspiration to younger generations, not just the status of being a mom. They believe in the power of celebrating age and all the experiences that come with it. By removing the battles we have with our hair, we’re able to show up looking and feeling our best.

It’s time to live our best lives, ladies. It’s time to celebrate all things older and bolder. This blog is dedicated to aging with grace, strength, and beauty. There are so many reasons to celebrate getting older. Life lessons have been learned, we’re comfortable in our skin, yet there are always new adventures to embark upon.  Yes, our skin requires more attention, our bodies need to hit the gym, and our hair has its own unique needs, whether it’s thinning or the color has changed. But there’s always a solution to any problem. Hair Biology has devoted an entire hair care line to our demographic. Hooray! Because I know one thing, we all want to step out the door armed with confidence each and every day.

No matter what length my hair is or what style, I do my best to keep my silver locks in tip-top shape. That’s where Hair Biology steps in. What I love best about this brand is that it is on a mission to celebrate aging and help our hair look and feel its very best – changes and all. So let’s talk about hair products, hairstyles, and how I keep my hair tamed with Hair Biology.


The Summary

  Today I'm talking all things silver hair care and featuring Hair Biology 

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Silver Hair Care


Argan Oil Taming Serum keeps my hair smooth and shiny. It’s a must-have for healthy hair. Shop all the products at Target.


This latest lineup Vivid & Protected from Hair Biology, was released last Spring. These are my go-to hair products to keep my silver locks shiny.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.33.12 PM

3. Mother's Day


In Case You Missed It

Yesterday, we kicked off our Mother's Day celebration early.  Click the title or image below to read the article.

Spring 2022 E-Magazine

We just launched our new, quarterly e-Magazine for Spring.  Here are the details on how to order your copy.

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Over the years, I’ve talked a lot about hair care.  I thought I’d try to condense that information into a single all things hair post.  Because if there is one thing that’s worth investing in, it’s your hair. A great haircut will keep you at the top of your style game and give you oodles of confidence. Think of it as your best accessory—the one you wear each and every day.  And for those of you looking to mix things up a bit this year,  I’ve pulled together a few must-try women hairstyles for Spring.  

How to find a hairstylist

It’s not always easy finding a fabulous hairstylist. And there might be more than one haircut gone awry before you find one that you love. Through the years I’ve definitely had my fair share of bad haircuts. Haven’t we all? The good news is hair grows back. The bad news is you’re stuck with a style you hate. At least for the time being.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t be a bit smarter the next time we’re searching for a hairstylist.  Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.  

Tips for finding a hairstylist

  • Don’t feel guilty about investing in your hair. A great stylist is worth every penny. Cut back on other expenses if you need to. But not your hair.
  • If you notice a haircut you like, ask who their stylist is—even if they are a stranger.
  • It will take two to three haircuts before you, and your stylist hit your stride. But if the first try doesn’t feel right—it isn’t. next, please.
  • Browse social media and read reviews—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp are all great resources.
  • Know your products. Do you like Oribe, Kerastase, or Kevin Murphy? Visit their website. They often have a salon locator that allows you to search for local salons that carry their products.


Colleen Rothschild is running a sale this week. $25 off $100 and $50 off $200. Collen has fantastic hair care products and skincare, including Quench & Shine Restorative Shampoo and a Restorative Mask I use once a week for a healthy shine. I love their travel kit that comes with shampoo, restorative mask, hair serum, styling cream, plus a microfiber scrunchie. Another brand I rely on is Kérastase, whether it’s their Shampoo or Conditioner

To keep my silver locks in tip-top condition, I reach for Hair Biology They have Purple Shampoo and Conditioner that’s available online at Target. Kérastase carries a purple shampoo but not a conditioner. Use sparingly (once or twice a week) as your hair can turn violet. Trust me, I know. Hair Biology also has products especially for thinning hair that I’ve heard good things about. And a thickening sprayNioxin System Kits was created specifically for hair loss. It also strengthens hair while keeping it hydrated.  

Specific anti-aging hair products are available these days. Once we hit 50 our hair has different needs. Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Moisture Shampoo combats dry brittle hair. Aveda Botanical Repair strengthens and repairs damaged hair. Better Not Younger Charcoal Activated Scalp Cleanser exfoliates and nourishes the scalp.

Styling products abound, but I’m a big fan of Kerastase Anti Frizz Spray for a smooth finish. Moroccan Oil Hairspray keeps my locks in place while giving my hair some shine. I also add Collagen for Her to my morning cup of coffee. Collagen improves the condition and strength of my hair, skin, and nails. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray adds volume and texture. It’s a nice alternative to dry shampoo.

Must try women hairstyles for spring

Below are five hairstyles I’ve featured heavily over the blog.  And for more inspiration, I’ve got an entire Instagram Reel that highlights my hairstyles since I started the blog.

Hairstyle #1

Hairstyle #2 

Hairstyle #3

Hairstyle #4

Hairstyle #5

Daily Looks 

We just posted a new DAILY LOOK, so make sure to check it out. Daily Looks is a really simple feature:  a dedicated photo feed of my daily outfits. And you can shop those outfits easily through the shop the widget below the picture. 

And for those of you looking forward to Spring, make sure to take a look at one of our first Spring previews:  the perfect wedding season dress.

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