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    I am enjoying your recipes and your beautiful photos of the foods you make. I’m so glad you have joined Beth’s blog which I have enjoyed for several years. And it’s wonderful that you and your husband are there in Athens with Beth!

    • Good morning Alice, thank you so much! I really enjoy having a part in Style at a Certain Age. Alex and I love living in Athens and being so close to all of his family. Thank you so much for your kind words and your years of support. Have a great weekend! xo, Kelly

    • Sylvia Espinoza says:

      Hi, Kelly! Another “must-try!” Saturday recipe! Judging from all the upbeat comments, you’ve hit another Grand Slam. Kudos! Thank you for walking us through your memories of childhood and the Three Bean Salad. Your writing is so good, you transport the reader with vivid images! I declare I could see and feel and smell and taste everything you described. Thank you again for lifting us above COVID-19 cares every Saturday morn~

      • Thank you so much for your kind words, Sylvia. 🙂 I really enjoy every aspect of these Saturday posts: from coming up with the recipe, making it, photographing it, and writing about it, it’s all such a joy! Thanks again for tuning in this week, I enjoy hearing from you. I hope you enjoy your weekend! xo Kelly

  2. Paula says:

    Kelly, this is another great recipe. I do enjoy trying them. Thank you for posting them.

  3. Carroll Niesen says:

    This looks very pretty, just like the other food you make. I am considering using some honey in place of the sugar when I give this salad a try.

    • Hi Carroll, agave nectar would be another good sugar substitute. Let me know how it works out for you! Thanks for tuning in to read today’s post. Have a lovely weekend, xo Kelly

  4. Denise says:

    Sounds delicious and reminds me of my grandmother’s bean salad. On my list for next week. Love your clear directions and variety of recipes.

    I’ve followed Beth’s blog for a couple of years and think you’re recipes are a wonderful addition.

  5. Julie Greene says:

    Hi Kelly,

    This was a very timely post for me. I have some leftover fresh green beans that were begging to be used upon a very clever way. A three bean salad is perfect. My husband the sweet freak will love the sweet and sour dressing lol.
    I look forward to your Saturday morning posts…they Re lovely and delicious.


    • Hello Julie, perfect timing indeed! This salad was my solution to the very same issue. Thank you so much for regularly reading my posts and writing in; I very much enjoy hearing from you each week. Have a beautiful weekend (let me know how your husband likes the recipe!), xo Kelly

  6. Terry says:

    Hi Kelly, I am going to make this now it will go great with the tri tip I’m BBQing later today.
    I’m not telling gma it’ll be a surprise, ha

    Have a great Saturday

  7. MaryLynne says:

    Three or four bean salad is a staple at my house. The last time I made it i didn’t have time for it to marinate for a day like I usually do so I heated the dressing before pouring it over the beans. It was the best ever. I add lots of fresh basil and tarragon to my recipe which is similar to yours. I have an herb garden so everything gets fresh herbs

    • Hi MaryLynne, Tarragon sounds like a great addition! I feel like it’s an underrated/under-used herb. I love having an herb garden, it’s wonderful to use fresh herbs on everything! Thanks so much for reading today and for writing in! xo Kelly

  8. Deanna says:

    Looks delish Kelly! I think I have everything on hand to make this except for some green beans. Gonna make it for a side dish tonight. So hot here in Illinois, all we want to eat is salads. Enjoy the weekend!!

    • I hear ya, Deanna! We are definitely on a salad kick now that the temps are into the 90’s. Let me know how you like the recipe – enjoy! xo Kelly

  9. I look forward to making and eating this salad. It sounds so yummy. Thanks for the salad dressing tip on using a jar.

    • Hi Linda, my pantry is slowly filling up with empty jars! I have quite a habit of saving them, but they sure do come in handy. Have a great weekend! xo Kelly

  10. Andrea says:

    Oh Kelly, that is one of my favourite salads. It really satisfies my appetite and can make a nice afternoon snack, or just calm the munchies. Bored eating is a real problem right now too, so I will definitely mix up a batch – good for weight control. 🎁

    • Hi Andrea! Yes, beans are so nourishing and good for us. Bored eating is an issue for many of us, so it’s really nice to have some easy go-to recipes for healthy snacks and meals. Take care, xo Kelly

  11. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    I am making this for dinner tonight! I have the canned beans, onion and mixed the dressing up! I have to run to the store for green beans! It will be delicious with our baked chicken tonight! Thanks! I’m really enjoying your recipes!

  12. Darlene Brown says:

    Hi Kelly! Just a minor suggestion – you might want to include Kelly’s Kitchen in the title or somewhere in the printable version of your recipes. This way, if someone wants to refer to the article and directions, or look at the photo to see how small you chopped an ingredient, they will be able to quickly find your recipe. (I have so many recipes and some of my earlier ones, sadly, do not have the source.) This makes it easier to share your recipes.

    • That’s a really great idea, Darlene. I am not sure why it didn’t occur to me to do this before. Thank you so much for the suggestion! xo Kelly

  13. Gwen Marie Ewing says:

    I wanted to let you know I made this recipe a few weeks ago and it was delicious! It lasted a while and we ate it all! The best 3 bean salad I have ever eaten!

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