cheers to Oscar Weekend

Cheers to this Oscar Weekend!

Our Happy Spring – Happy April continues to Grace Your Home and Style by MMK. As Beth’s Saturday Guest Home Contributor this week, Celebrate The Movies!! Let’s plan an Academy Award Party…to celebrate the world of talents past and present – and its exciting influence, uniting us all – the world over! It is a fun theme with Bubbles, Cocktails – an excuse to party in whatever form that is safe and happy!

What is in a word? Oscar??
Grace, Sophia, Audrey, Cary, Meryl, and Viola…all lovers of Film and Style know this shorthand! Oscar (a little Gold Man Statuette and Award) and Beth’s wonderful Pup!! Grace, of course, is our own American Princess Grace Kelly who captured our hearts and dreams in To Catch a Thief, Country Wife and….

Audrey, to this day, is a classic style and humanitarian icon. She was in attendance at one of my three outings to the Academy Awards. She was totally resplendent in a Black & White polka dot Givenchy gown, credit Getty photo with Hubert Givenchy and Robert Wolders. What fun it was to share with so many inspiring icons…Candace Bergen and Louis Malle, Angie Dickenson, Michelle Pfeiffer!

The Oscars, Costume Designers, and Artists of stage and screen have influenced my life and career. They may even be a bit responsible for inspiring my decision to major in Clothing & Textiles – so glamourous and happy! Color and Design always!!

Years later, a dear friend and I hosted an annual Academy Award Party in SF…libation flowed. Champagne cocktails with Strawberries, Prosecco, Perrier, or juice mixed with soda water are all welcomed with hors d’hoevres! Everyone wore blank name tags for a little game, to write-name each other as the Actor/Actress we each most resembled! I can’t make this stuff up!! See?? (I was named Vivian, Natalie, and Merle Oberon and my dear friend SLS, Angie, and Doris Day.) Our little soirees were wildly popular and great fun, till we both moved!

opens in a new windowSimon Pearce Bowl

So now, let’s create new fun, hosting your own celebration of all that the Movies, Music, and Talents are to you!

Cheers to Oscar Weekend

Champagne Glasses: Elegant, whichever glass you prefer…flute or coupe. Some believe the flute best with its smaller surface, so fewer bubbles escape. Some believe the aroma breaths better in the coupe! Certainly, it has Drama and is a bit Vintage. I love them both, but must say, the flute is chic and easier to store. I have been collecting them forever! When guests came to my Manhattan apartment, they were welcomed to select their favorite design from the special collection displayed in my entry! I do think they are one of the very best gifts…so happy, festive…and in an infinite number of designs and price points.

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opens in a new windowEtched Coupe Glasses

opens in a new windowCoupe and Flute Champagne Glasses

The Taittinger Moment – Champagne Advertisement featuring actress Grace Kelly

Cocktail Napkins:
These are another favorite gift…chic, functional, artistic!! Whether natural fiber or paper so much fun and personal too!
Shown: Fabric Friends S and W decided to be creative with their initials in two colors and reverse the embroidery color!! They
love them and often use entertaining in their new Palm Springs Home!! Choose your own colors from soo many! Thanks for the vibrant photo MJW and JMS? PS – (use last name initial for gents).

opens in a new windowSferra Hemstitch Cocktail Napkins

Please note:
When the monogram is all 1 line, use 1st name initial 1st , next the middle or maiden name initial, and 3rd initial is the last name. ie. MMK. I’ll detail monogramming and linen sizing in the following weeks. For a center monogram, the last name initial is the larger and centered. ie. MKM Natural fibers are my loves…whether dining or dressing. No apologies ever…they feel wonderful and keep us close to Mother Earth beautifully. Hemstitched, 100% linen, are my go-to in 101 colors when using fabric -plain or personalized with Initial or Monograms too! Machine wash only…mix and match Cloths, Placemats, Runners,
Napkins & Cocktail Napkins. Great fun for every décor and occasion!! Giftable too!

opens in a new windowLinen Cocktail Napkins

opens in a new windowCotton Cocktail Napkins

Paper Cocktail Napkins: These are wonderful for messy fingers and fun when personalized. Shown: Bandol Stripe Napkins – Triple Ply Paper Cocktail. I must admit, I ordered these in Red…for Christmas – Valentine’s Day!! They could be used forever!! Great for weddings and parties of any size!

opens in a new windowPaper Cocktail Napkins

opens in a new windowColorful Paper Cocktail Napkins

opens in a new windowCaspari Cocktail Napkins

Shop Caspari Napkins



Until next week…enjoy…Cheers to this Oscar weekend and a few suggestions!! xoxo MMK

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  1. Andre wrote:

    Each to her own – but, that being said, cotton/linen tablecloths and napkins are a touch of elegance, regardless of high or low end.

    I agree with you, in that our landfills are better off too. I have tablecloths and napkins that are decades old. Cotton and linen wash well and many don’t require ironing if fluff dried. They also don’t slip off your lap, unlike paper ones do, and I think far more economical in the long run. Do not purchase synthetic fabrics, if you want true stain resistance.

    Thanks for the fun Oscar ideas. 🥂

    Posted 4.24.21
    • marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Enjoy tonight – Andre!!
      So pleased you love your natural Linens and Film too!! xoxo MMK

      Posted 4.25.21
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Enjoying your blog very much. Today’s takes me back to when a young girl, scouring magazines for pictures and information about the stars, their clothing, their events. Well recall what a draw The Oscars were for their elegance. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories, Marlene~

    Posted 4.24.21
    • marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Hi Sylvia – Happy Oscar Sunday!!
      Thrilled that you are enjoying my blog…
      Our memories are the fabric of our lives…and hopefully our homes too!
      You might enjoy Pinterest for current “scouring” of The Oscars past and present. I do-
      Enjoy tonight…cheers!! xoxo MMK

      Posted 4.25.21
  3. RORY wrote:

    I love all those old movies. Those costumes, suits, dresses they wore were so classy. I like to watch the movies just for the clothes. Thanks for the pics. Thought it was Oscar the dog’s birthday. Have fun.

    Posted 4.24.21
    • marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Hi Rory…Happy you enjoyed!!
      Classics return always…with a little twist sometimes. Enjoy tonight and let’s see who wins for best costume too!
      Cheers!! xoxo MMK

      Posted 4.25.21
  4. Wonderful article !!
    So nice to remember all this movie actresses.
    Audrey Hepburn was one of my idol
    Tank You for sharing all of these with all of us.
    Have a very nice weekend and enjoy the Oscars.

    Posted 4.24.21
    • marlene Kristoff wrote:

      Hi Gloria…Thrilled that you enjoyed my little tribute!! Thank you for your sweet words.
      Audrey certainly is still with us – ballet flats and all! Her films are timeless…and her style! Enjoy tonight and Cheers!!
      xoxo MMK

      Posted 4.25.21

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