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  1. Sue Smith says:

    Timely post for me. I was similar–always had excellent eyesight–in fact, I made myself an organ donor so someone else could benefit from my eyes one day. Hmmmm…well, now, at 64, and with the meds I take, I have developed cataracts over just a 6 month period (my opthalmologist said the meds caused them, not just my age, as they came on quickly with the new med.) Anyway, just yesterday, I had cataract surgery on my left eye and I’m going to be back to almost perfect vision again. Yes–eye care is important! My right eye will be in November.

    And since I retired, I still carry medical benefits from Duke, but I had to get my own vision coverage–and guess which I chose? VSP. ;)) I have been happy with them.

    • beth djalali says:

      oh sue, this has been quite the year for you! but life seems to dish out trials in waves doesn’t it? i’m happy to hear your vision is almost perfect again! there’s nothing more important than our health, eyesight included. VSP has been a lifesaver for me and mr. style. and they keep us equipped with glasses, contacts, you name it. take care and speedy recovery! xo

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