how to lose weight fast with Faster Way to Fat Loss

  1. Carol DeHaven says:

    Hi Beth! I found your blog about 4 months ago and have been following along! I really enjoy your “Style”! I joined FASTer Way yesterday and used you as my reference (hope that’s okay)? It looks very comprehensive and there seem to be alot of younger gals in the group, so I am hoping at 60 I too can have some positive results!! Thanks!

    • Linda Hess says:

      I am just into my 60th year, of life, and also joined FASTer too! Can not wait to see what Monday brings.

      • Beth Djalali says:

        good luck, linda! keep me abreast of your progress. this is an amazing program and i just know you will learn a thing or two come monday. xo

    • Beth Djalali says:

      that’s great news, Carol! thanks so much for using me as a reference. i know you will learn so much about nutrition and how to balance your macros. it’s life changing. yes, lot’s of younger women join the program. but slowly women 50+ are understanding the key to aging is the proper nutrition and exercise. it used to be that we just accepted the fact that menopause changed our bodies for good. when we’re equipped with the right tools we can burn fat just as efficiently as when we were younger. good luck! xo

  2. Michelle McDonald says:

    I started doing FWFL last spring (May 2018) at age 56, have lost 15 lbs in “all the right places,” and have kept it off. I went from a size 12 back to the size 10 that I was in college (things have certainly shifted around since then, but I’m happy with my body!)

    I didn’t follow the exercise program but did do the eating program and it made a tremendous difference. Looking now to find an exercise program that I enjoy.

    Ladies, try Faster Way to Fat Loss if you’re looking to make a real difference in your body and feel great!!

  3. Lynn Forbes says:

    Hi Beth: I wanted to let you know that I started the program yesterday. I have been active, slim and fit all my life (I’m 63), but after a super challenging hike in the Yosemite’s upper valley my back and hip started bothering me, so I’ve been less active than I’m used to. I’ve only gained a few pounds, but certainly I’m softer, getting a bit of a pooch and have less muscle. I have to nip this in the booty. How did you find the workouts? All those burpees, jump squats and the like have me a bit concerned.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      hi lynn! yes, those burpees are killers. actually i’m no longer can do the HIIT workouts. too hard on my knees. so i traded those workouts with a Peloton ride. you can mix and match your workouts with this program. but i believe starting with your class they are showing modifications to the exercises with low impact, medium and high impact versions. good luck! and let me know your thoughts about the program. xo

  4. Lynn Forbes says:

    Yes, knees can be a problem sometimes for me as well. A lifetime of using them. I love my Jazzercise classes and thought that would be a good exercise substitute. I was told that those classes would be fine on rest/recovery days. I’m sure all these tweaks will be worked out in time. Thanks!

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