Kick Off the Weekend with Stylish Winter Outfits

  1. Janka says:

    Both of your outfits are cozy. However I find Kelly’s booties overwhelm her outfit. A more streamlined bootie might have pulled the outfit together a bit more cohesively. And the outfit really is flattering and lovely. Casual with an air of sophistication. Perfect for a social outing or a professional environment.

  2. Carolina Girl says:

    Fridays with Oscar!!!
    You both look great … and I always appreciate Kelly’s (and your) recipes!

  3. Although the comment has been made about Kelly’s boots: I note that in the UK heavy chelsea/safety-type boots have been worn even with flimsy evening dresses for quite a while now, and well as with winter dresses and other winter gear. I originally bought my Hi-Tech safety boots (steel to and sole) for walking in the bush with the dogs, as precaution against snakes/puddles, etc. but in the dead of winter I wear them to go to the shops. My feet stay warm and dry.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Marlette – I agree, and I have always loved the fun juxtaposition of heavy-soled boots with feminine outfits. Plus, in the winter, you can’t beat the utilitarian aspect of heavier boots! Thanks again, xo Kelly

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