Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    Thank you for the Valentine’s preview! Love it. Your sweater is so fun, Beth! I know you said it’s a few years old from Talbots. Jeans: Yes, don’t shoot the messenger; you’re just sharing denim trends with us!

    YUM: I’ll try both the cocktail and the crabbed stuffed mushrooms! Appreciate your recipes!

    Happy Friday and thanks for the close ups of OSCAR!!
    Many hearts coming his way!

  2. Really cute heart sweater. Yes, too said I would not give up skinny jeans, but I have been wearing the straight leg or straight leg skinny or slim and love them. I did save 2 pair of my favorite skinny jeans to wear with tall boots. Love the look tucked in a pair of tall boots.

  3. I forgot to say hi to Oscar and Ollie! Hi guys!

  4. sharon olsen says:

    I love the picture of Oscar he looks like he is smiling. Have a great weekend!

  5. Jamie says:

    Hi. Love the fashion and the recipes. How is Oscar doing, btw? I think you said a few posts back that he was not feeling well. I hope he is doing better. Such cute pets (Oscar and Ollie)!

  6. Lindsey A says:

    Apparently (heard from a girlfriend but not checked it out myself), you can take *any* pair of old jeans to a Madewell store and trade them in for a $20 gift card/store credit too. They will recycle them into building insulation. Much better than going into a landfill.

    Cute outfits for today. And I hope Oscar is feeling as well as he can too.

    • Hi Lindsey, this is indeed true. You can take any brand of preloved jeans to a Madewell store and they will give to $20 toward a new pair of Madewell Jeans. You can also do it by mail – just activate a “clean out” kit via their website, print out a free shipping label, package up your old jeans, and send the package to Madewell. They will send you a $20 credit toward new Madewell jeans. Check out the link to read more about their recycling program: Madewell Denim Recycling
      Hope that helps! xo Kelly

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