fridays with oscar

  1. Maria João says:

    Love the skirt. The shade the shape the length… gorgeous. I was about to ask you what did oscar choose on the pet store. Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Happiest of Birthdays! I hope it’s a glorious year ahead! Perfect pairings–love the orange, although it actually reads to me like a nice red-orange (cadmium red?) Anyway, it’s gorgeous.

    I smiled to hear you were so happy about the can opener. As someone who has chronic autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis, with issues from my neck to my feet, I cried out of joy over this gift one Christmas:

    It gave me back my freedom to fill the gas tank and not have to pull into stations only when someone else was there to help me. So I get it.

    What’s that expression? “The earth has music for those who listen.” It’s all about attitude–and you’ll hear the music if you’re watching for it…

    Happy Birthday weekend! You’re a mere baby. I’ve got you beat by 4 years, and I’m here to tell you–it has always gotten better so far. xo

    • beth djalali says:

      hi sue!
      you are always such a darling! isn’t it funny that we both suffer from arthritis? thanks for the b-day wishes. and i’m thrilled to hear each year gets better! the best is yet to come.

  3. Maureen S says:

    Have a terrific birthday and a fabulous year ahead!

  4. Melanie says:

    Happy Birthday! You look fabulous! Your words are so true. Thank you for sharing.? And, Happy Dog Day to Oscar❤️

  5. donnanance says:

    Happy Birthday to my sweet friend! You are the younger sister I never had. Is your “arthur” osteo or rheumatoid? I have some osteo and I take turmeric supplement to help ease discomfort. Mr Style gets an A+ for his gift selection! Did Oscar get a bully stick? My Chis love them. Enjoy your day to the fullest! xoxo P.S. Yes, tribulation comes in all shapes and sizes. My youngest daughter (age 41) had a heart attack last week but is recovering nicely.

    • beth djalali says:

      thank you, donna, for the sweet b-day wishes! you know i always love to hear from you. now, when i don’t, i tend to worry… and i wish your daughter a speedy recovery. a heart attack is a scary thing. you guessed it, oscar picked out a bully stick. he loves them even though they last about an hour.

  6. Letizia says:

    A Special day for a Special woman. Buon compleanno Beth !

  7. Cathy D. says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth!

    I love reading your blog each morning and appreciate that you post so frequently. Don’t let the arthritis get you down. I’ve had it for years and it can be a struggle… but it can be endured or even overcome. It sounds like you take good care of yourself, and that makes all the difference.

  8. Janie Nichols says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Wow, my 60th is right around the corner! I agree, no matter what our trials and troubles, we should take on an attitude of joy. Have a glorious birthday weekend!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi janie! well happy 60th to you. it’s a milestone to be certain, but it’s a grand day to be our age. and it sounds as if you are enjoying each and every day!

  9. Susan Virgadamo says:

    Happy happy birthday Beth!!! Many, many more!!
    I hope you have a day as wonderful as you!!!

  10. Jill Mourning says:

    Thank you so much for your authenticity. What an amazing role model you are, your joy devereux jumps off the screen in your photos! Yours is a voice that is needed today, thanking you for having the courage to share it. Happy Birthday! Oh, and I love your ootd, it’s one of my favs!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jill!
      thank you, for the birthday wishes! and thank you, for tuning in each day and reading the blog. there’s something special happening with women of a certain age, and i’m happy to be a part of it. we baby boomers have pushed so many boundaries in the past. so why not push back on outdated ideas about age?!

  11. Jeanette Ziolkowski says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. Your skirt is so cute I jumped online and ordered one for myself. I had my 59th birthday last week, and strive to be as youthful as you are, every day. You are an inspiration. Thanks!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi jeanette! thank you for the birthday wishes. and i hope you had a marvelous day yourself celebrating your 59th! it’s a great day to be a woman of a certain age, isn’t it?!

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