fridays with oscar

  1. Nikki G says:

    Me and a buddy from work walk most afternoons after work and there are two new puppies on our route that are just adorable. They run to the fence when they see/hear us coming with their tails just a wagging and excitement in their eyes. And then they fight over our attention as we try to scratch their little heads through the chain link fence. Then they run to the end of the fence as we walk on by and when we come back by on the end of our walk, they are usually standing on their hind legs, front paws up high on the fence, like maybe they could join us if they stretch hard enough! You & Oscar, and these puppies, sure make me want a canine companion, (I am holding off till retirement.), and make me smile.
    I love your outfit. I have some floral jeans that I am enjoying this summer. And I LOVE your hat!
    🙂 gwingal

    • beth djalali says:

      well, i won’t encourage you, but everyone should own a dog. such amazing creatures and ful of love, love, love! let me know if you have a weak moment and decide to bring one home.
      aren’t floral jeans perfect for summer? i always seem to have at least one pair on hand.
      xoxo beth

  2. donnanance says:

    In the fifth picture Oscar is looking at you like “where next, Mom?” Love the turquoise accents…don’t think I’ve ever seen you without earrings. xoxo

  3. Linda Miller says:

    Thank you! Love the top and patterned pants. And the tying of the tennies. Inspirational!

  4. Suzanne Smith says:

    Nice relaxed, comfy look–and Oscar looks happy that it’s Friday, too. Have a great weekend!

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