fridays with oscar

  1. Rebecca Saffer says:

    This winter has been so long and just doesn’t give up. We just had a storm Wednesday and may get another Monday in NYC. Anyway, it’s always a delight to see you and Oscar having fun (I am sure Ollie is waiting in the wings to join in). Have a great weekend, Beth.

  2. Imastounded says:

    Oscar didn’t wear a coat. Forget groundhogs. That’s the fitst sign of spring!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Happy Friday! I remember that trench coat–I love the shorter length. Looks great. You and Oscar have a great weekend–don’t forget daylight savings–at least evenings will be lighter from here on in.

  4. Jackie says:

    both looking very stylish and Oscar with his cravat certainly know how to show his style

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