fridays with oscar

  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    Just look at how he’s grown!
    My husband had a German Shepard growing up, so he loves seeing these photos when I share them with him!!

  2. I loved seeing Oscar “grow” through pictures – seems like he’s such a well behaved dog. Mine are totally out of control 🙂

    • beth djalali says:

      ha, ha! oscar has his moments. especially if he’s spied a deer and wants out of the house. but overall he is so dang smart and wants to please so he listens.

  3. Sue Smith says:

    You and your sidekick are gorgeous here. Between you and my relative who also has a German Shepard, I have a new-found fondness for that breed! So sweet. Hope the two of you have a wonderful weekend. Happy wrapping. I’ve had to send off a bunch of gifts all over creation–evidently my family needs to get its act together so I can hand gifts out in person! Lots of celebrating this time of year–I may do some holiday baking–our tradition each year is the making of the toffee and biscotti and gingersnap cookies to mail off to folks. Someone has to do it, right?

    • beth djalali says:

      have you had time for a baking session, sue? i’m caught up with everything christmas so now i just have to squeeze in some time for those cookies. although i did buy two tins of danish spritz cookies as a back up plan!

  4. donnanance says:

    Thanks for sharing Oscar’s “baby book”! He is a very handsome fella and so well-mannered. I’m sure he loves the squirrels. My Chis Jacob and Riley go nuts if they sense one is in the backyard. They go tearing through the dog door on the screened porch, sure they are going to catch him this time. Have a good weekend. Very cold here and a bit of snow…good weekend for books and chicken soup. xoxo

  5. Maria João says:

    Such a cutie! Love those big ears! Dogs are great photo models (when they want to be). Thank for sharing wiht us that lovely photo gallery!

    • beth djalali says:

      thanks, maria! i think oscar’s big ears are his trademark. he never quite grew into them. but isn’t he a ham when he wants to be? he knows when the camera is aimed at him.

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