a view of my refinished porch | fridays with oscar

  1. Mary casmpbell says:

    So enjoy your post

  2. Susan Barnes says:

    What color is the paint? Looks wonderful. I would like to use the same color. U look fabulous Beth!

  3. Priscilla C Herrera says:

    Look forward to your stories – especially now that we are “sheltered at home” Just wondering the brand/color of lipstick you have on in today’s segment. Thank you & have an amazing weekend

    • Georgia Peach says:

      Love your porch.Great weather tp get out there.
      Cute ootd!
      At first I wasn’t sure about your going away from your cute pixie but I’m really liking the longer style.
      Youthful too!
      Hope y’all have a great weekend!

  4. I am glad you, Oscar, and Ollie are doing well. Your porch room is so nice and love the peasant style blouse.

  5. Refreshing to see the tie dyed top! We won’t be staying inside soon I hope & I’m wearing this one!

  6. Deanna says:

    TGIF! Somehow it seems the weeks are going faster. Out state is still sheltering in place thru the end of the month. Am I getting used to this new/temporary normal? Delicious looking recipe. The picture of you and Oscar with all the blue and golds to match your outfit of the day is a visual feast. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Sandra says:

    Porch looks very inviting. Enjoy your birds and coffee.

  8. Suzanne Smith says:

    This outfit does remind me of Greece. (Ah, Calgon, take me away!) The chicken dish has lots of my favorite things, and I love a one-pan meal. So easy to clean up after–I’ll have to check out the blog you mentioned. Thanks! Have a relaxing weekend–I’m happy for you that you can drive again. If you had to be self-isolating, I guess this was probably as good a time as any to have a TKR done. Oh–and your porch looks very inviting. Hope the rain’s finished now that May is here, and you can enjoy the sunshine out there.

  9. Louise says:

    Could you tell me where you found your candle chandelier?

  10. Francesca says:

    Thank you Beth for the lovely post. Your outfit reminds me so much of fabulous Greek vacations and the Mediterranean. One day we will go back to that glorious part of the world! So nice to have a new recipe to try and a new cocktail! The weekend is starting off right:)
    All the very best,

  11. Andrea says:

    Beautiful porch, Beth. The perfect place to enjoy some safe, but desperately needed fresh air and birdsong. Watching nature unfold is both calming and inspirational. Enjoy 🥂

  12. Sharon Mulliken says:

    Loved the glimpse of your newly decorated porch, but can you show more pictures, including all areas? I noticed in an earlier blog this week that you have new cushions on your sofas out there. Please reveal all! Love Fridays, love the recipes and we almost always have whatever cocktail you come up with on our Friday night happy hour!

  13. Willette says:

    Hi Beth,
    Your porch looks lovely I really like the table and chairs. I’m so gonna make that sheet pan chicken since I have all the ingredients.

    You look like you are recovering nice since your knee surgery.
    Happy Friday!!

  14. Sangita M says:

    Love your outdoor porch. You look fabulous, how are you feeling post surgery?
    Love to see Oscar AND Ollie today.
    Have a great weekend, it’s supposed to be a warm one!

  15. Eve says:

    We had our curfew lifted and the beaches opened. Billy drove around today because he to go by the bank and said there were a lot of people out. Not all of them were wearing masks. All the children he saw were though. If people would keep their distant we could be safe.
    I love a porch and the colors you have chosen are wonderful. It does have a vacation feel to it. Oscar and Ollie looked happy about the New porch. Mine has adopted an empty box I’m trying to slowly remove. He will not accept a cat bed but this old box…..

  16. Cardis Hayes says:

    Thanks for sharing your knee replacement recovery. I have also enjoyed you sharing pictures of your home and porch. Would really like to see more of the screened in porch. Best wishes on the road to recovery.

  17. It looks so delicious! I love your bob Beth:)
    Happy weekend, Renata

  18. Peg Weir says:

    Great post yesterday. My husband is the chef in our house and. I printed the chicken recipe for him. Also printed the martini recipe which will pair beautifully with the chicken. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Mary Ellen Braks says:

    Made the chicken recipe tonight for dinner. My family loved it! Thank you!

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