how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

happy 2021, ladies! it’s a new year filled with 365 possibilities. okay, today is the third of January, so we only have 363 more opportunities to live a happy and healthy life. and i love to emphasize healthy because there are so many myths about aging. of course, we’re not benjamin buttons aging backward or staying forever young. the clock is ticking for each and every one of us. for me, it’s not about looking younger but looking and feeling my best. there are so many things we can do to take care of our body both inside and out that make aging a journey, not a chore. if we exercise regularly, nourish our skin, and fuel our body properly, then we can defy the years. and we can learn how to lose belly fat fast after menopause. it’s a myth that aging and weight gain go hand in hand.

today, i thought i’d kick off the new year with five healthy lifestyle habits that we can adopt in 2021. i’m not reinventing the wheel or sharing a brand new secret that will revolutionize your life. no, it’s always about the basics with me whether it’s my wardrobe or lifestyle. but the basics work when incorporated day in and day out. and it’s never too late to change bad habits that have crept into our lives. we can start being the best version of ourselves today. it all begins with self-care. take baby steps if you have to. the point is to never give up. start with a simple question. “how can i honor my body today.” ladies, we can age with grace, strength, and beauty at age fifty and beyond. it’s our choice to make.

how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

after the age of fifty things begin to change in our bodies. fifty-one is the average age of menopause. once we hit postmenopausal (twelve months without menstruating) we produce less estrogen and are at a greater risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and depression. which is why it’s more important than ever to take care of our bones, stay active, eat right, train our brain, get enough sleep, have a healthy gut, and treat our skin with kindness. for half a century or more, we’ve earned confidence and wisdom that comes along with aging. now it’s time to enjoy every minute of it. healthy habits will help us live our happiest days.

how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

age 59 before FASTer Way to Fat Loss


while this blog’s primary focus is on fashion if there’s one thing i’ve learned it’s that no outfit will look good if the person wearing it isn’t healthy. for the past three years, January 2018 to be exact i’ve supported a program that teaches women and men how to achieve a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise. why do i keep sharing opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss? because it works. it’s not a program with pre-packaged foods that you buy for a month, stick to religiously, then go back to your old habits. slimming down starts with our mouth. so we need to make cleaning up our diet a top priority. opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss will do just that. yes, we can learn how to lose belly fat fast after menopause. FWTFL teaches how to incorporate intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and exercise into your life. 

for the past fifty years, we’ve been told to cut calories and exercise more. right?! wrong. while exercise is key to staying active, our diet is the most important factor in aging well. if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a million times you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. it took me sixty years to let that one fact sink in. and we’ve also been fed a lie that it’s natural to gain weight as we age. especially fat around our mid-section. while it’s easy to gain weight after the age of fifty it isn’t impossible to lose it. if you are interested in how to lose belly fat fast after menopause and improving your eating habits, the next round of opens in a new windowFASTer Way to Fat Loss begins monday, January 4th

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how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

me age 62


exercise benefits our bones, muscles, and heart. staying physically active also keeps our brains young. the hippocampus (the part of the brain associated with memory) shrinks as we age, leading to cognitive impairment. but research shows that exercise can lead to an increase in the hippocampus even if it’s only a forty-minute brisk walk several times a week. but we should incorporate three types of exercise into our routine for optimal health:

strength training to develop our muscles and increase our bone density, which is critical for the prevention of osteoporosis. the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism becomes. strengthening your muscles surrounding and supporting joints will prevent injuries. stronger muscles better hold your joints in position. many of you ask how i can wear heels at the age of sixty-two. it’s simple – weight training, which keeps my legs strong. if you don’t use your muscles, you will lose them. so go pump some weights.

cardio exercise gets our hearts pumping and large muscle groups working. cardio exercises our hearts and can also help lower blood pressure. regular physical activity can also help lower blood sugar and help regulate insulin levels. and it can help boost your mood. there’s nothing better than a sweaty workout to get those endorphins flowing. ’nuff said.

low impact workouts like yoga or pilates help increase our flexibility and posture, which leads to better balance. both are wonderful exercises to incorporate for toning and strengthening all of the muscle groups. now that’s a win/win because we all want to avoid falls at this stage of the game.

how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

how to lose belly fat fast after menopause

how to lose belly fat fast after menopause


good night sleep is one of the most important yet overlooked components of our health and well-being. did you know that sleep is connected to losing weight? poor sleep is connected with glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. if we want to lose belly fat fast after menopause, we need to concentrate on getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. we need those eight hours to help our bodies and brains to recharge, and our muscles recover. listen to your circadian rhythm and establish a realistic bedtime and stick to it. leave your screen behind. that’s right, put away your phone, tablet, computer, and television at least one hour prior to bedtime. don’t let them into the bedroom. abstain from caffeine or alcohol several hours prior to bedtime. and maintain a comfortable temperature and low light levels.

brain health

y’all know i take my health seriously. and that includes mental health too. but did you know that our physical health is directly tied to our cognitive health? exercise is key not only for our bodies but our brains when it comes to aging with grace, strength, and beauty. exercise improves our blood flow and memory. it also stimulates chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, mood, and thinking. you’ve heard it before: healthy body, healthy mind. we also need to stay connected. leading an active social life can help protect against memory loss.

there are also many things we can today to reduce our risks that impact both our long and short-term memory. brain health activities like crossword puzzles are good for us. so take a moment out of your day and solve those puzzles! mental exercises promote new brain cell growth.

nutrition is key as well. foods rich in antioxidants can help fend off the harmful effects of oxidation in our brain. 


after the age of fifty, our skin can lose radiance and plumpness due to loss of collagen. and we can notice the appearance of sunspots and creepy skin. so it’s time to take action. adding a hydroxy or glycolic acid cleanser or cream helps to brighten our skin and improve the appearance of fine lines. vitamin C, Retin A, or a retinol can also help. great skin is not simply based on DNA. our daily habits have a big impact on what we see in the mirror. and that means incorporating a skincare routine. it is our largest organ after all so it needs some TLC just like our brain and our heart. and it needs protection against pollution, the sun, the cold, and even germs. who has been washing their hands more frequently the past year? exactly! adopting a skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. simply incorporating sunscreen, cleanser, moisturizer, serums, and toners will get you up and running.

don’t overlook a yearly visit to your dermatologist to check for any abnormalities that can lead to skin cancer. last week i had a cyst removed that came back benign. staying on top of my skincare prompted me to have it looked at in the first place. and the dermatologist has lots of non-surgical treatments available to plump up our collagen like micro-needling and laser treatments to remove sunspots. as a matter of fact, i’m scheduled for both treatments this week. i’ll share all the deets in a future post.

okay, ladies, are you ready to stay fit and active in the coming year? let me know your plans and actions in the comments below. cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

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  1. Karenina wrote:

    Hi Beth,
    Found you recently on youtube and love your vids and now am enjoying your newsletter/blog. Thanks for all you do to help us look and feel better!

    Posted 1.3.21
    • welcome! i so appreciate you being here. happy 2021!

      Posted 1.3.21
    • Gloria wrote:

      Fabulous advice and I echo going to the dermatologist. I had a sunspot that ended up being precancerous. Yikes! So glad my doctor caught it and I got it treated.

      Posted 1.3.21
      • a dermatologist is a girl’s best friend!

        Posted 1.4.21
  2. Sara wrote:

    Great post. You mentioned yoga and Pilates as being beneficial and I quite agree. But may I also suggest Tai Chi? It, too, is low impact and very beneficial both physically and mentally, especially for Seniors and those with underlying conditions. My sister-in-law has found it very beneficial for her Fibromyalgia and we started classes because it is highly recommended for my husband’s Parkinson’s. It has been a big help for him and for my balance as well. During the pandemic we have been keeping up with classes on Zoom and continue with not only our local “classmates” but several others across the country.

    Posted 1.3.21
    • thanks so much for sharing, sara!

      Posted 1.4.21
  3. Susan wrote:

    I’ll be very curious to hear about your upcoming treatments. I tried laser treatments years ago for sunspots with no luck. I imagine technology has improved since then. Very curious about micro needling.


    Posted 1.3.21
    • i will keep you posted, susan! they recommend a series of three which i have scheduled so stay tuned.

      Posted 1.4.21
  4. Karen wrote:

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your skin treatment tips. I joined the FASTer Way last year and and ready to get back into the routine next week!

    Posted 1.3.21
    • i will keep you updated on my ipl treatments. they recommend a series of three which i have scheduled. stay tuned.

      Posted 1.4.21
  5. Terry wrote:

    Thank you for all the reminders, Beth! 2021 will be interesting…going gray, amping up my skincare and getting back to FWTFL. Blessings to you and yours in 2021.

    Posted 1.3.21
    • you have nailed self-care, terry! go girl, go! happy 2021.

      Posted 1.4.21
  6. Love your blog!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

    Posted 1.3.21
    • i so appreciate you being here! xo

      Posted 1.4.21
  7. Pieranna Rampado wrote:

    Hi Beth;
    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now but I recently subscribed to your blog and I really enjoy reading it. It’s as though you’ve been reading my mind. I never make NY resolutions but this year I have made a promise to myself to make my health a priority. I already have a great skin care routine and have had for a while (however I’m looking forward to trying some of the products you have suggested) but now it’s about my body and mind. Need to incorporate exercise into my routine and something to keep my mind active. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    Posted 1.3.21
    • you will never regret incorporating exercise into your life! thanks so much for leaving a comment, and welcome to the blog.

      Posted 1.4.21
  8. Pam wrote:

    I am living proof that gut health is important. In September of 2015, I had to have emergency surgery. I had a perforated colon. I had no idea. I had to wear a colostomy bag for six months. It was not pleasant. I did lose a lot of weight during that time. I was obese at the time. That was from not having a working pituitary. Which I had to have removed the year before. You have to pay attention to your body. I now know when my colon is acting up, and start eating better. I basically cut red meat out of my diet. Even though it’s easier to digest. I know my diet isn’t great sometimes. But all I have to do is remember what I went through and then I eat cleaner. I’m thinking about going keto, but I’m not sure if I can stick to that kind of lifestyle.

    Posted 1.3.21
    • our microbiome is what keeps us running. we need to tend it like a garden. i’ve heard great things about keto especially when faced with an illness. my diet is a bit more balanced but you have to incorporate what works for you. thanks for sharing.

      Posted 1.4.21
  9. Tina wrote:

    Beth, I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience with laser treatments for sunspots. As a 60 year old I’ve spent many summers basking in the glorious sunshine only to now realize the damage done. Thanks for being honest and genuine with your followers.

    Posted 1.3.21
    • just had my first ipl treatment this morning. they recommend a series of three spread 4-6 weeks apart. i am working on my face and chest and will give an update when i’m finished.

      Posted 1.4.21
  10. CIndy Smith wrote:

    Excellent suggestions to incorporate into our daily lives. It really is so important to be as healthy as we can as we get older. We really can make these healthy tips part of our routine. That is the key adopt a healthy lifestyle & make permanent lifestyle changes. I find I miss my exercise routine if I skip a few days. One tip that has helped my skin, nails & joints is to take a powdered collagen supplement every morning in my coffee or tea. Another supplement that makes a difference in how I feel is CoQ10. If I forget to take it for a few days, I can really feel the difference. By the way Beth, you have great looking arms for over 60 !! Now that is the area of my body that needs extra attention

    Posted 1.3.21
    • our health is our most precious commodity. and we need to treat it as such. thanks for sharing!

      Posted 1.4.21
  11. Linda wrote:

    I’m 66 and I have always been a runner. Here in TX you’d better wear a good sunscreen. My dermatologist told me a long time ago the SPF in makeup is just not enough for TX and suggested I wear only sunscreen SPF 50 and to also apply it on my décolletage, ears and hands. I have followed her advice and I have no brown spots on my hands, face, or décolletage. I’m glad I listened to her!

    Posted 1.3.21
    • sunscreen is an absolute must! i wish my childhood and teenage years were filled with sunscreen instead of baby oil. but it’s never too
      late to implement good skincare. thanks for sharing.

      Posted 1.4.21
  12. Cynthia Johnson wrote:

    I, like many others I think, am limited in what I can do physically. This is due to hip replacement, spinal fusion, and nerve impingement. Can you recommend any workouts for women like me?

    Posted 1.4.21
    • i would definitely consult a physical therapist because they will be able to guide you in the right direction based on your physical limitations. but there is a good series called BoneSmart Pilates that might work for you. here’s a link:

      Posted 1.4.21
  13. Do you have a listing of your recommended skin care line for our age?


    Posted 1.4.21
    • if you go to the main page of the blog, scroll to the top you will see a tab named Beauty. click that then a drop-down box will appear with skincare, hair, and makeup. all the posts for that category will appear when you click the tab. hope this helps!

      Posted 1.5.21
  14. Karen McGraw wrote:

    Great Post! For my age early 50’s, I have some sunspots from years of fun in the sun. The beating my girlfriends and I did on our skin and faces are scary. Thankfully, our daughters today are being more careful and using sunscreen on a regular basis. Doing the FW VP to get back on track.

    Posted 1.4.21
    • i’m so glad we take the sun seriously these days. baby oil was our best friend back in the day when it should have been sunscreen. but the good news is there are lots of treatments available to help with the damage. good for you for going back to the FW basics. it works!

      Posted 1.5.21
  15. Esperanza M Ravelo wrote:

    Hi! I really admire the way you dressed up. Btw I’m one of your fans. I want to join your program but I don’t have enough money. But I just want to say that you’re adorable.

    Posted 1.5.21
    • hi esperanza, thanks for writing. i’m so glad you’re here. but there’s no fee associated with the blog. all the material is posted for free.

      Posted 1.5.21
  16. Nelda Pattillo wrote:

    After the longer than expected Covid restrictions, I’m going to make a better effort for routine exercises and cleaning up my diet, AGAIN!!! I just became lazy as the Holidays started, soooo, time to get busy!
    Love the blog, the Book Club and Kellie’s Cooking Blog!

    Posted 1.5.21
    • we all need to get it in gear when January rolls around. i so appreciate you being here! xo

      Posted 1.6.21
  17. Diane Shehane wrote:

    I’m enjoying your blog. Do you ever address osteoporosis? I’ve just been diagnosed & even though I do so many things to stay healthy, at 74 I need to research & decided whether to take meds for this.

    Posted 1.5.21
    • Rita wrote:

      I’d like to suggest taking the supplements in Grow Bone, by Garden Of Life. I was in high #s of osteopenia (almost at osteoporosis) when I started taking this. The following year at my next bone density test, my #s had dropped to very low osteopenia, almost back to normal range. You do need to be consistent when taking supplements. I can only imagine if I would have added weight training, the great shape my bones would be in! I’m 65

      Posted 1.6.21
  18. Arcangela wrote:

    Hi Beth ,
    I was wondering if you could let me know if you have a product for extremely delicate skin . I have problem finding a eye makeup remover. I find that a lot of products make my eye itch after and swell up .
    Thank you for everything I admire your look and style. I also am a 62 year old woman.

    Posted 1.6.21

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