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there’s been more than one email that’s landed in my inbox in regards to my health and fitness plan. what do i eat in a typical day? how many times a week do i hit the gym? many of you remember back in january i decided to embark on a fitness journey. yes, the big 6-0 loomed in front of me, and i wanted to celebrate by being in the best shape of my life. throughout 2018 and with the help of FASTer Way to Fat Loss i achieved my goal. 

read my first post january 2018

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so i thought it was time for a fitness update especially since i landed back onshore after a seven-day cruise and discovered three extra pounds decided to come home with me! i blame the weight gain on those delicious pina coladas (they were worth every sip!). but instead of going into a tail-spin about those extra pounds i knew it was time to simply re-commit to my fitness plan. and i know how to do that because i have the tools. and that’s what i’m sharing with you today. the plan that’s helped me all year long to stay on course with my fitness and weight goals – FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

the holidays may sound like the worst time of year to start a plan like this. but is there ever a good time? besides, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. and what you learn with this program will change your eating habits. because if there’s one thing i’ve learned is that you can’t out-exercise a poor diet. but boy-oh-boy do you need a consistent exercise routine to maintain your muscles and flexibility. two things we lose at a rapid pace as we age. a strong healthy body is important at any age but especially as we age. without a plan this holiday season, those pounds will creep up fast leaving us feeling deflated and discouraged. and who wants that?

three reasons i love this program:

ONE – every detail is planned out for you. the online workouts have exact directions and links to watch the moves. but if you love working out at The Barre, or have another workout routine, like Spin Class no problem. there are options, ladies, options. my workout routine consists of two sessions per week on my Peloton the other three are spent in my home gym with a variety of workouts. the great thing about FASTer Way To Fat Loss is you can make it work with your lifestyle!

TWO – this is a lifestyle, not a diet. we use My Fitness Pal app to track calories and macros, but the mentality is progress, not perfection. the goal is to eat dairy free, grain free and gluten free as much as possible but again, there’s flexibility. do i have a cocktail or glass of wine on occasion? absolutely! do i enjoy dessert from time-to-time? i’m looking forward to a slice of pecan pie come thanksgiving! as i mentioned, FASTerWayToFat Loss is a lifestyle change, not a diet. this program teaches how to cut fat and gain lean muscle while still living life to its fullest. and it helps me stay on track.

THREE – it is a proven system that helps women and men (yes, there is a program for men) lose fat. and there’s no age limit! actually, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of exercise as we age. the amount of muscle we lose each year is alarming. you’ve heard it said “use it or lose it.” it’s true! my goal is to live the best life possible at any age. and exercise is key.

typical lunch – hummus and red peppers, carrots and cucumbers. or salad with hard-boiled eggs. or avocado toast.

typical dinner – grilled salmon with asparagus. or a quinoa bowl. or soup and salad.

please feel free to ask me ANY questions. this program has worked for me, and i know it will work for you.

click here to join the next round that starts on November 12th!


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  1. Starla Clark Goldman wrote:

    The link for men isn’t working, is the diet different for men?

    Posted 11.7.18
    • just checked the link and it’s working. and, yes, the program is slightly different for men as they have their own support groups and leaders. men lose weight differently than women sometimes, much faster. and their workouts can differ as far as the weights they use. small differences but differences nonetheless.

      Posted 11.7.18
  2. Agent Ears wrote:

    My problem is my middle-aged middle. Would you please share how much you’ve lost around your middle? Or if you’ve gone down a pant size? Thanks!

    Posted 11.7.18
    • i have definitely tamed my middle! i have lost ten pounds, gained lean muscle and have zipped a size 6 pant which is down one size since i started FWTFL. but to be truthful when i started the program back in January all of my size 8’s were tight. xo

      Posted 11.7.18
  3. moiraeve1 wrote:

    The El Nino that’s coming is going to reach all the way down to Georgia, so I am looking forward to lots more cold weather fashion posts from you!

    Posted 11.7.18
    • it has been chilly lately! but i’m happy to share my cold weather style in the upcoming weeks. xo

      Posted 11.7.18
  4. Sue Smith wrote:

    You are so right to see it as not a “diet.” I think the word diet implies that it’s temporary, and it really does need to just be a lifestyle. That way, here and there, you can “cheat,” but get right back on track. And you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. You look great!

    Posted 11.7.18
    • right?! it’s important to remember there’s a time and place for dessert or a glass of wine. but an overall clean diet is so much healthier. xo

      Posted 11.8.18
  5. Mary wrote:

    Can you tell me your experience with the VIP portion of the program. I just finished my second round of FWTFL.

    Posted 11.8.18
    • hi mary! the VIP program is nice to fall back on. there’s a FB group that shares recipes, tips, and support. and Amanda typically zeros in on one specific topic for the month which is educational. after two rounds of FWTFL you definitely have the tools to go out on your own, but i guess i look at the VIP group as a safety net to keep me on track. it’s a big decision but i’m happy i’m enrolled. xo

      Posted 11.8.18
      • Mary wrote:

        Thanks. I think I will join just to get past Christmas and the reevaluate.

        Posted 11.8.18

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