fridays with oscar mother’s day edition

happy friday, gang! and a very happy mother’s day to all of you! this is the time of year our thoughts always go to our mothers and their impact on our lives. those of you lucky enough to celebrate this special day with your mom enjoy every minute! through the Read More »

summer wardrobe staple white blazer

it’s time to go back to the basics today. wardrobe basics, that is. first up, a summer wardrobe staple, the mighty white blazer. y’all know my love for blazers runs deep. even in the dog days of summer, i’m bound to reach for a blazer or cardigan to ward off Read More »

Meet Beth
I’m Beth Djalali, a girl that grew up in Omaha, Nebraska – a city and state that’s smack dab in the middle of the country. Not exactly the fashion capital of the world, but not exactly hicksville either – think no further than Warren Buffett who has claimed Omaha as his home for over 80 years.


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