we are talking about all things travel this month on the blog and we are continuing today with another cool-weather destination outfit. not all trips taken during winter need to be warm-weather holidays. a short (or long!) trip to wintry place is a wonderful getaway. maybe it’s a ski trip or a weekend trip to a nearby town—whatever the case may be, February is a great time to break up the winter doldrums with a change of scenery.  and a little polka dotted preppy fun is a great way to kiss the winter blues goodbye. 

blazer (J.Crew) | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar sweatshirt (J.Crew) | penny loafers (J.Crew) | shirt (Talbots) | bag (Everlane)

outfit of the day – layer up

today’s outfit is great for mild-to-cool weather travel. i have a classic white button-up and a polka dot sweater that can each be worn alone, to create two other outfits on my trip – so, three outfit options with these two items. the blazer can go multiple ways as well: it can go over a dress for an evening out, it can even go as a second layer under a puffer or overcoat if it’s really cold. 

blazer (J.Crew) | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar sweatshirt (J.Crew) | penny loafers (J.Crew) | shirt (Talbots) | bag (Everlane)

girlfriend jeans are comfortable for a long day of wear and will go with multiple top combinations to make for easy packing. comfortable loafers from J.Crew add polish and can also get a lot of mileage with multiple outfits. if it’s too chilly for loafers, booties would also work with this ensemble.  

the leather Boss Bag (on sale right now!) is from Everlane. i have been loving this bag lately – it’s so roomy (think: an extra sweater or scarf, water bottle, magazines, wallet–even a tablet!), it has a zipper closure (great for security while traveling), and the strap will fit over my shoulder for easy hands-free carrying as i tour a city or do some shopping. it might just be the perfect bag to take on a trip. 

blazer (J.Crew) | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar sweatshirt (J.Crew) | penny loafers (J.Crew) | shirt (Talbots) | bag (Everlane)

cold-weather getaways 

packing for a cold-weather destination can be tricky, especially if it’s a short trip and you want to keep your packing to a carry-on. you want to pack items that will be warm enough, and these items are going to be bulky and take up a lot of space in your luggage. yesterday i wore a pea coat which is a great option for a chilly destination, and as i mentioned, you would want to wear this on the plane, and save the space in your luggage. 

blazer (J.Crew) | similar blazer | similar blazer 2 | similar sweatshirt (J.Crew) | penny loafers (J.Crew) | shirt (Talbots) | bag (Everlane)

my best advice for cold-weather packing is to focus on layering. plan your outfits based on the combinations you can create with multiple layers. you can plan a couple layered outfits and then remix them to get a couple more outfits. this way you can maximize your luggage space. a big consideration for your packing are the activities you have planned. so think about this as you are planning your layering options. packing for a ski trip will look a lot different than packing for a weekend walking around a city, for instance. 

well ladies, whether you are planning a long trip or a short day trip, i hope you are able to take some time this February to get away from the day-to-day and enjoy the beauty winter can bring.

happy Wednesday! go out there and put a smile on someone’s face – including your own! 

come February it’s time to plan a vacay and get out of dodge for a few days. a winter getaway is always a good idea whether you’re headed to a ski resort or you’ve decided to sip a piña colada on a sandy beach. no matter what your travel plans are let’s talk about airport style for winter. because half the battle is getting to our destination.  so let’s talk how to dress for the airport

anyone remember the good old days when we were dressed to the nines when it was time to board our aircraft? skirts, pumps, hose, jackets were commonly worn to fly the friendly skies. kiss the past goodbye, ladies, because it’s all about comfort in 2020. can you blame us? what with the airlines giving us little wiggle room in coach. many of us travel with a carry-on so we’ll have to hoist our bag into the overhead bin with ease. then if you’re seated by the window you have to squeeze past two seats before you buckle up and settle in for your flight. of course, business and first-class still offer luxurious seating but even if we upgrade our seat selections comfort is still key.

airport style for wiinter

so let’s talk turkey about comfortable airport style in the winter. over the years i’ve learned what i’m most comfortable wearing while traveling. if my flight is short, say two hours or less i don’t mind wearing a pair of blue jeans, sweater, and slipping a blazer over the top. but if the flight is over two hours i love nothing better than a pair of joggers, a sweater and a blazer. these are two airport-style formulas that work. but first things first. the right pair of footwear is of utmost importance. am i right?! but don’t forget to bring along a pair of sunglasses. not only are they a stylish accessory but they protect our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. take a peek at this travel outfit post or aiport travel style.

Comfortable Shoes

walking through the terminals can sometimes seem like a trip unto itself. especially if there’s an unexpected gate change or your flight has been delayed. that’s when a pair of sneakers (old, similar here) come in handy. there are so many choices these days but i tend to shop New Balance for a pair of spiffy sneakers. 


Athleta is my go-to brand when it comes to exercise or travel outfits. last year i discovered these ultra-comfy Wander Slim Ankle Pant. i also like the Brooklyn Ankle Pant. the pants fit like a glove and maintain their shape throughout the day. and they’re versatile enough to be dressed up or down.


a sweater is key when it comes to winter airport style. it adds casual sophistication to any outfit yet it keeps the chill at bay during your flight. this Transit Crew Sweater from Athleta is soft and warm and perfect for layering.

Puffer Coat

airports and airplanes tend to be cold. a puffer coat offers the perfect solution. this coat (old, similar here) is reversible so it gives me plenty of options. and it’s lightweight so it can easily be slipped into a tote if it gets too hot.


a scarf instantly elevates your winter airport style. but it also pulls double-duty as a wrap or a blanket on the plane. it comes in handy when you’re on a domestic flight that doesn’t offer a blanket.

airport style for wiinter


one of my all-time favorite carry-on/tote is from Longchamp. this particular tote is the expandable nylon tote which is perfect for vacations as it unzips for increased carrying capacity.

Delsey is consistently rated as one of the best travel luggage brands. look for a suitcase that is lightweight, has a TSA built-in lock, spinner wheels and expandable for additional packing capacity.

warm weather vacation style

later this month jr. style and i are going on a week-long vacation. are we headed to a warm-weather or cold weather destination? we’ll keep you guessing until February 18th. in the meantime, i’m sharing one outfit for each scenario.

choosing a color scheme makes packing a breeze. blue and white with a dose of pink can’t be beaten when it comes to blue skies and sunny days. white chinos, striped tee, and paisley shirt can be mixed and matched all vacay long. add a pair of hot pink ballet shoes (limited sizes, similar here) and a snazzy pink tote and you’re ready to hit the town in style. but don’t forget to add a pair of shorts.

warm weather vacation style

airport style for wiinter

cold weather vacation style

if you’re headed to a ski resort boots are a must-have. this pair is from Ralph Lauren and comes with a pair of red laces as well as black. warm socks (similar here), black pants (similar here) and a cozy cashmere sweater from Everlane will keep you warm and toasty while you sit by the fire. 

if you’re headed outside don’t forget a puffer coat (old, similar here), cashmere gloves, cashmere scarf (old, similar here), and a hat (old, similar here).

cold weather vacation style

airport style for wiinter

all right, gang, it’s time to kick off the first monday in February! stay warm. and let us know when and where you’re headed to vacation and how you dress for the airport.

Seine River Cruise

it’s here. it’s finally here. a recap of the week i spent on the Scenic Gem on a delightful Seine River cruise. so many of you have written asking for more information about my river cruise experience, particularly which cruise line i partnered with – Scenic Luxury Cruises & Luxury Tours

first off, river cruises have become wildly popular in the last ten years, so there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to cruise lines. what sets Scenic Luxury Cruises apart is that it is an all-inclusive vessel. which simply means there are no hidden fees. everything is included in your ticket. and i do mean everything from the tours to beverages to tips for the staff. there are no surprises as to the cost as there are no up charges. plus, Scenic’s reputation for outstanding service and excellent land tours did not disappoint.

Seiine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise

Scenic Luxury Cruises 

the embarkation went efficiently and super easy – no waiting around. we were warmly welcomed with drinks and immediately escorted to our accommodations, then given a brief tour of the ship.

the main lobby has a sleek interior design.

Seine River Cruise

shore excursions were outstanding, with the D-day Normandy Beach tour being our favorite. the variety of tours offered made the trip even more interesting and valuable. read more about the french diary river cruise part 1.

Seine River Cruise

water and umbrellas were always available.

Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise

Scenic Gem

the crew was simply outstanding! from the Hotel Director to the Cruise Director,  the entire staff infused the ship with a sense of joy. in particular, the waiters and room attendants made the week-long cruise so relaxing and enjoyable. our every whim was taken into account. late-night snack? no problem. need a shirt or dress pressed? Scenic Cruise Lines were happy to accommodate. the forward-facing lounge is where we gathered nightly for port talks and entertainment afterward.

the front of the lounge is dubbed River Cafe come lunchtime.

Seine River Cruise

at night the table area at the front of the ship is transformed into L’Amour, a fine dining restaurant that passengers experience once per cruise. it’s fine dining at its best.

we chose the duck the night we dined at L”Amour.

cocktails at the beautiful Château d’Ételan. i loved the fact that Scenic Luxury Luxury Cruises and Luxury Tours offered beautiful venues to taste and experience the breathtaking Normandy countryside.

the top deck can be used to watch the passing scenery while sipping a cocktail.

Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise

Seiine River Cruise


Monet’s gardens in Giverny were definitely a highlight for me. every inch is thoughtfully planned out and maintained. it’s simply exquisite.

queen-sized beds with Egyptian cotton sheets made a good night’s sleep possible.  there was a floor-to-ceiling built-in storage closet with room for hanging clothes, drawers, a safe, and a mini-bar. Scenic also provides butler service. plus, sodas, wine, and beer stocked daily in the minibar are included in the fare.

Seine River Cruise

small fitness center.

a concert at the beautiful Château de la Roche-Guyon.

Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise

the last day the Scenic Gem was docked in Paris, allowing us a day full of shopping and people watching. read more about travel diary streets of Paris.

Seine River Cruise

Scenic Gem Seine River Cruise

here are my parting thoughts on the Seine river cruise with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours. river cruises are popular for a reason as they are an easy way to visit many regions of Europe without the hassle of toting your luggage from city to city. once you arrive on the ship and unpack your suitcase, you’re set for the week. another plus is the tours that are available at each and every port. but if you would rather strike out on your own and explore the cobblestone streets without a tour guide, you have that option. the front desk staff is more than happy to call a cab for you, and the cruise director can offer suggestions as to what to see and do. jr. style and i were truly impressed with the staff, who were always at the ready to make your life as easy and hassle-free as possible. if you would like more information about Scenic Luxury Cruises and Luxury Tours, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. or read more here.

a big thank you to Scenic Luxury Cruises and Luxury Tours for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.

another month has come and gone.  gulp! the holidays are upon us. can you believe that?  i hope all of you are enjoying the changes here at Style at a Certain Age. mr. style was behind every decision that we’re implementing. it warms my heart to see his hand in all of the behind the scenes action that junior style and my daughter-in-law Kelly are helping me bring to life. i hope you’ve had a chance to subscribe to our YouTube channel. lot’s of action over there with beauty, skincare and style tips.  

but before heading into november, i wanted to give you all a recap of where we’ve been this past month. below, i’ve compiled by top 5 posts of october as chosen by you, my readers. as an extra bonus, i’ve also put together a top 10 list of my favorite items from this month.  

1. weight loss tips by healthy eating

today, i’m sharing weight loss tips by healthy eating. i know, i know, our generation was taught that in order to lose weight, we had to cut calories and exercise more. or choose low-fat options like using margarine over butter, or substituting low-fat sour cream over the real deal. 

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

 i cringe at all of the weight loss tips doled out for well over fifty years that just didn’t work. one of the biggest fallacies is that weight gain is just a normal part of aging, which is just plain wrong. if we want to age with strength and grace, we need to face our diet straight on – what we eat on a day-to-day basis. if we want to look and feel healthy and youthful, it’s all about healthy eating. if we get healthy, then we’ll lose weight. not the other way around.

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

another key ingredient to lose belly fat over 50 is intermittent fasting. FASTer Way to Fat Loss first introduced me to this concept. what is intermittent fasting?  

athleta stripe sports bra, athleta high rise chatarunga tights, new balance shoes

read the entire post weight loss tips by healthy eating to find out more. 

2. monday is the new friday 

when was the last time you played hooky and took a day for yourself? went to a movie? got a massage or a mani-pedi? called up your daughter for an impromptu lunch? self-care is one of the most important things and something we’re all guilty of not investing enough in. today, i’m throwing on on a pair of fall flared jeans, a suede jacket (similar here), and my snakeskin boots and heading out for a day to and for myself. come join me.

who thinks the flared blue jeans are the star of this outfit? besides me?  i’m just so happy to see a variety of denim silhouettes available this year in addition to our long-time favorite straight legs, boyfriend, or skinny jeans. there’s certain to be a pair of denim that suits you to a T.

heels are the perfect combination with flared denim—not only from an aesthetic perspective, but a functional one as well. this pair of high rise denim flares from Frame run loooong, so heels are a must unless you want to visit your local tailor to alter the length. i’m wearing a size 29 which translates to my typical size 8.

read the entire post, monday is the new friday.

3. france travel capsule | packing tips

for those of you who have followed me throughout the years, i’m no stranger to traveling.  mr. style, and i loved to get away; whether it be local or international.  over the years, i’ve documented our travels extensively and given various piece of travel advice you can find here and here among other places.   if you’re looking for packing tips, specifically how to fit your travel wardrobe comfortably into your luggage, make sure to check out the video below. 

i’ve broken my items down by type and provided links for (at least) similar items.  stay tuned all week to see how i wore each outfit, both on the blog as well as YouTube.  

putting together your travel wardrobe can be daunting.  and like with anything, you can save yourself a lot of headache and frustration by going into it with a game plan.  a lot of us have a tendency to overpack and choose things we think we might want if...  and that’s fine, no doubt.  but that means that oftentimes we’re over our weight limit; or we check an oversized bag instead of a medium, or we bring 2 checked bags instead of 1.    

read the entire post france travel capsule

on YouTube we recently introduced a new series called Friday Fives, where i share five skincare, makeup, beauty, and style tips with you.

here are five of my favorite lipstick shades.

4. fashionable career women

i made the jump to full-time blogger almost five years ago.  my job, in part, is to put together and model outfits in the hopes that it provides you inspiration in your daily lives—both personal and professional. as women, our daily lives are nothing short of robust. 

we are asked to wear a variety of hats and function in a multitude of roles.  so today, i want to encourage and celebrate those amongst us that are career women. and i want to continue to inspire all of us to be fashionable career women.

it’s time.  time to pull our boots from the back of the closet to the front.  whether you’re calf- or knee-high type-of-gal, fall and winter are all about the boots. in case you missed it, i put together a video of my top 10 list of shoes for fall & winter. it should come as no surprise, a large portion of that list was comprised of boots.


read the post fashionable career women

5. how to make your outfits versatile

on the day we took the excursion to Normandy i was on my feet all day, and the weather was chilly. the outfit was kept simple and comfortable:  i coupled a red turtleneck from J.Crew with a pair of denim. this fall, there’s been lots of questions and comments from you, my readers, about stylish and comfortable footwear.  well, you’re in luck. this pair of stylish and comfy loafers received so many compliments while i was in France. every season i have one pair of shoes that turn into a style crush. guess what? this pair of loafers is definitely leading the footwear pack.

let’s get down to business:  bringing a versatile wardrobe while traveling. before heading out to Château d’Ételan (pictures below), i swapped out my denim (here or here) for a striking pair of roaming tiger pants from J.Crew.  i kept the red turtleneck and the white loafers, and i was set.  good to go.  

read the entire post make your outfits versatile.

take a look at the YouTube october top five.


top ten items

here’s the latest style secrets video where i partnered with JCPenney for the third time this fall.

happy sunday, ladies!

it’s been a great week over here on the blog.  thanks to you, travel week has been an absolute success.  we’ve had tens of thousands of views and an outpouring of support through comments and emails.  to conclude the week, i’ve put together what i’m calling the definitive international women’s travel guide.  

i’ve compiled tips, tricks and hacks for everything from luggage, travel credit cards, airport lounges, to passport & visa requirements for foreign countries.   i’ve also interspersed  my favorite outfits from my fall trips to New York City and France, many of which can be found in October’s top 5 fashion flash videos, compiled for you above. 


there’s a tendency these days to try and fit all of our belongings into our carry on(s).  this is totally understandable, as most airlines now charge for checked bags.  as many of you who follow me regularly know, i’m an exception to the new norm.  i still check my bags. 

this is particularly true on international flights.  international luggage limits are based primarily on weight.  most airlines require your luggage to weigh 50lbs. or less.  however, this can vary depending on your departure city, so make sure you check with your airline prior to leaving.  (here’s a great resource for luggage dimension and weight limitations.)

for those of you that can afford to fly business class (or higher), many domestic airlines (and their international affiliates) like Delta offer will check up to 2 bags for free.  don’t be afraid to use that service!   

if you’re in the market for luggage, there are so many options these days. even companies like West Elm are in the luggage business now.   here’s a great compilation of luggage sets for women i’ve found for you.  but a couple of additional pieces of advice.  i) 3 piece luggage sets are investment pieces everyone should own; ii) most luggage sets look similar.  to save yourself time at the bag carousel, distinguish yours in some way.  whether you tie red ribbon to the handle or invest in a statement piece like this watercolor roller, find a way to make your bag identifiable.  

denim boilersuit sneakers | similar handbag similar Delsey underseat suitcase

passports & visas 

have you ever booked an international flight only to realize your passport expires prior to departure?  expediting passports can be an expensive nightmare.  obtaining them same day requires you to physically go to a passport agency and pay close to a $200 fee. 

even if your passport is valid, it can sometimes be difficult to return to your country of origin if that passport expires within, say, 3 months. US passports last for 10 years.  here’s a good rule of thumb: check your passport right now.  if it is going to expire within 1 year, start the renewal process now.  you’ll save time, money, and a massive headache.  here’s a great resource for passports and renewals.

did you know that travel to Australia requires a visa?  if you’re traveling internationally, many unexpected countries require you to either obtain a visa prior to entry.  make sure you know whether the countries you’re traveling to require a visa.  here’s a list of such countries.

much of the above advice seems obvious, but i can’t tell you how many people i’ve known have found themselves in an unbelievable and expensive bind trying to obtain passports and visas last minute. 

denim | similar graphic tee here, here, & here blazer similar shoes | similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

travel credit cards 

we all have credit cards, and many of them with floating APRs which ultimately work against us.  make sure your credit card is working for, at least in part.  there are many credit cards out there geared toward the traveler.  i happen to use the Chase Sapphire Reserve.  it offers a 60,000 mile early use incentive plan, 2x points on travel and dining amongst other travel incentives.   here’s a great list of credit cards geared toward the traveler that will earn you points that you can put towards your next European vacation.  

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2 | trench coat | trench coat 2 |  dark skinny jeans | boyfriend jeans | white loafer 

frequent flyer programs 

with the advent of flight aggregators like Expedia or Travelocity, it’s easy to shop for cheapest flight—airline loyalty be damned.  oftentimes that makes sense.  however, picking an airline, signing up for their frequent flyer program, and sticking with that program (and its affiliates) is worth it in the long run.   whether you get bumped to first class, priority boarding, or a free ticket, a few extra bucks today can save you money and headaches in the long run.   

i found this great article outlining various frequent flyer programs and their rewards.  a couple of additional pieces of advice.  know your domestic airlines international affiliates.  if you fly Delta domestically,  it’s good to know their partners include Air  France and Korean Air if you’re in Europe or Asia. 

picking a frequent flyer program is a totally personal thing.  i hear great (and horrible) things about all airlines.  just make sure to do your research and if you settle on Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, or Delta—know their international affiliates so you can get points for your trips! 

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2 | roaming tiger pants | white loafer | lavender blazer | lavender blazer 2 

TSA precheck, Clear & airport lounges

post 9/11 travel is stressful.  there’s no way around that.  security lines can be nightmares, airports overly crowded, and flights delayed.  a little pre-planning and investment can alleviate some of this misery.  

want to shortcut security lines?  apply for TSA precheck, Clear or both.  these services are most useful for domestic travel, but are still useful for international travel if your departure city is here in the US.  i’ve used both, and i give TSA pre a slight edge.  but if you travel at least 2 times a year, particularly through a major airport like Atlanta, enrolling in one of these programs is a must. 

many frequent flyer programs or credit cards like the ones mentioned above will give you access to select airport lounges around the world as part of their benefits.  but did you know that you can access many airport lounges for a fee? here’s a website i found outlining ways to score airport loung access. and let me tell you from personal experience, lounges are worth it.  once you’re in, they offer you free food and (alcoholic) drinks. and they’re generally less crowded than airport terminals and gates, alleviating some of the travel stress. 

cashmere turtleneck dress | blazer | similar turtleneck dress | boyfriend jean | skinny jean | low heeled booties | scarf

domestic layouts: New York

for those of you that follow me regularly, you know i’ve taken two big trips this fall.  New York City in September, and France this October.  in case you missed my New York travel diaries, you can catch them here and here.  below, i’ve compiled the outfits i took on my domestic trip that lasted from a Friday to a Sunday.  i want to contrast them with what i packed for my roughly weeklong trip in France.

outfit 1 

denim | similar tunic here, here & here | similar shoes similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

outfit 2

similar joggers tee | denim jacket shoes similar handbag | similar necklace similar bracelets

outfit 3

denim | similar graphic tee here, here, & here blazer similar shoes | similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

international layouts: France layouts

in case you missed this week’s travel diaries, you can see them here, here, and here.  contrast what i took domestically versus internationally, taking into consideration that i spent roughly 6 more days in France than New York.  if you’re looking for more packing tips, suggestions, and ideas, make sure to catch my YouTube video posted here.


trench coat | trench coat 2 | black blazer | black blazer 2 | black blazer 3 | leather jacket | leather jacket 2 | lavender blazer | lavender blazer 2 | lavender blazer 3 | white jacket


tie neck blouse | tie neck blouse 2 | similar zebra shirt | similar denim shirt | similar white shirt


similar black turtlneck dress | similar flower print dress


fisherman sweater | fisherman sweater 2 | grey turtlneck | red turtlneck | mockneck | crewneck | black sweater | similar stripe sweater

shoes & accessories 

coach bag | white loafer | booties | sneakers | scarf | pumps


pjs | robe | similar hoodie | similar joggers | similar slippers


roaming tiger pants | glen plaid pants | leather leggings | similar chinos | similar black trousers | dark skinny jeans | boyfriend jeans

that’s a wrap gang.  i hope you enjoyed this definitive international women’s travel guide, as well as my travel diaries from France.  let me know what you think in the comments below.  did i miss anything?  do you have further suggestions?  as always, i love to hear from you. 

travel week is in full swing. on sunday, i showed you my outfit layouts and gave you some packing tips and tricks. in case you missed it, you can read them here. yesterday, i took you with me on my riverboat cruise to Normandy and Château d’Ételan. you can find that post here. today, i want to build on a theme from sunday’s post, namely how to build an essential travel wardrobe

in that post, i focused on three must-bring item types: i) denim, ii) black pants, and a iii) sweater. today, i’m showcasing 2 out of the 3 items much in the same way as i did yesterday’s post.  specifically, i want to show you how you can reuse elements of one outfit successfully in another (potentially) cutting down on the number of items you pack.  

day outfit

the importance of denim 

denim is one of the hardest-working items in your wardrobe. this is doubly true when you’re traveling. for those of you following the blog this month, i hope you got a chance to check out the definitive guide to denim i put together. you can read that post here.  

cashmere turtleneck dress | blazer | similar turtleneck dress | boyfriend jean | skinny jean | low heeled booties | scarf

the sheer flexibility denim provides when you travel is limitless. as i said sunday, dress them up. dress them down. dress them somewhere in-between. there is no single item more essential to pack than denim.  

cashmere turtleneck dress | blazer | similar turtleneck dress | boyfriend jean | skinny jean | low heeled booties | scarf

here, i’ve paired a cashmere turtleneck dress from Everlane with a blazer from Lafayette 148. blazers make my #4 essential items, and i put together a fall guide to blazers here.   you can match this look with a pair of boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. either works perfectly. and if distressed jeans aren’t your thing, no problem. just make sure to check out these low heeled booties from Easy Spirit. i’m continuing to try to bring you chic but comfortable footwear, and these booties are just that. since September i’ve partnered with Easy Spirit as a brand ambassador, so please be certain to use code BETH25 for 25% off your purchase through November 2019.

evening outfit

the utility of black pants. 

at some point in your trip abroad, you’re going to spend an evening out. maybe you’ll head into town for a quiet dinner, or maybe you’ll spend the night dancing. black pants work in a variety of evening occasions, no matter what city or country you find yourself in.  and much like denim, they pair nicely with a mixture of tops and outerwear. you’re not going to want to forget them.  

cashmere turtleneck dress | blazer | similar turtleneck dress | faux leather pants | low heeled booties

for my evening wear, i’ve kept the cashmere turtleneck dress, blazer, and low heeled booties. i dropped the scarf and denim, swapping the latter for faux leather pants from Ann Taylor. just like that, i was ready to see an evening concert at the beautiful Château de la Roche-Guyon.

 Château de Chantilly

all right, gang! that’s a wrap for the second entry into my travel diary. like yesterday, i want to leave you with some breathtaking pictures.  these are from Château de Chantilly, and i hope you enjoy them. keep the comments coming! i’m loving hearing all about your recent travels or upcoming travel plans. tell me how you build an essential travel wardrobe in the comments below. 

the following photos were taken on our day trip to Rouen, France.

last week, i took a riverboat cruise in France courtesy of Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours. yesterday, i provided you with packing tips & tricks, as well as my outfit layouts.  if you missed that post, make sure to check it out here. today, i’m showing you how i wore (some of) those outfits, with a focus on a versatile wardrobe while traveling. i talk a lot about fashion versatility and reusability on the blog.  this is particularly true while traveling—both domestically and abroad.  an easy way to get a lot of mileage out of travel wardrobe is to mix & match, transforming day wear into evening wear.  

as well as sharing with you some travel tips & tricks, all week i want to show you pictures from my day and evening trips and excursions. today, i’m sharing a few images from my trip to Normandy and Omaha Beach. this trip was particularly meaningful to me, not just as a lover of American history, but also the daughter of a veteran who served in the Korean War. for those of you with similar historical interests and/or family who have served, it is my hope that these images will resonate with you as they have me.   

day outfit 

on the day we took the excursion to Normandy i was on my feet all day, and the weather was chilly. the outfit was kept simple and comfortable:  i coupled a red turtleneck from J.Crew with a pair of denim. this fall, there’s been lots of questions and comments from you, my readers, about stylish and comfortable footwear.  well, you’re in luck. this pair of stylish and comfy loafers received so many compliments while i was in France. every season i have one pair of shoes that turn into a style crush. guess what? this pair of loafers is definitely leading the footwear pack.

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2 | trench coat | trench coat 2 |  dark skinny jeans | boyfriend jeans | white loafer 

check out these white loafers from Neiman Marcus.  you won’t regret investing in a pair.  (and if you’re looking for other, potentially more affordable options, check out my recent post about Easy Spirit.)

there’s no better European touring coat than a trench coat (and check out this similar one.) perfect for the crips French fall weather.  (and not too heavy to carry if the afternoon weather warms up.)  


if you’re looking for my advice on fall and winter coats and jackets, make sure to check out my new series, the list above, and this blog post.

evening outfit 

let’s get down to business:  bringing a versatile wardrobe while traveling. before heading out to Château d’Ételan (pictures below), i swapped out my denim (here or here) for a striking pair of roaming tiger pants from J.Crew.  i kept the red turtleneck and the white loafers, and i was set.  good to go.  

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2 | roaming tiger pants | white loafer | lavender blazer | lavender blazer 2 

throw on a lavender blazer (old, similar), and you have a totally different outfit with a totally different feel. perfect for an evening of cocktails and fun. there’s no expectation that you change outfits each day and evening. but you can imagine applying this strategy—mixing and matching— in different ways, across different days. this could easily cut down the items you pack by 1/3 (or more).   

red turtleneck | red turtleneck 2  roaming tiger pants | white loafer | lavender blazer | lavender blazer 2 



junior style, and i walked the  Normandy beaches together and visited the Landing Museum at Arromanches. it was totally awe-inspiring and sobering. 9,387 graves at the Normandy Cemetery.

for those of you who are or who have served; for those of you who have family that are serving are who have, thank you. what an incredible reminder Normandy was for the freedoms we still enjoy in this great country of ours. 


Château d’Ételan

no better way to end today’s post by leaving you with a few breathtaking photos from  Château d’Ételan. enjoy!  and be sure to leave a comment below, letting me know about any recent fun excursions you’ve had. 

this week on the blog is travel week.  as i’m making this post, junior style and i are headed back from our weeklong river cruise in France. what an unbelievable time, and i can’t wait to share everything with you!  i’ve got outfits to share with you; food and wine recommendations for when you’re in France; travel tips, tricks, and hacks; as well as a travel vlog that will go up next Sunday.  to kick the week off, i’ve put together a fashion travel capsule wardrobe. i’ve got layouts of all the outfits and accessories i wore in addition to a few key packing tips and tricks.  

essential carry on items & packing tips  

for those of you who have followed me throughout the years, i’m no stranger to traveling.  mr. style and i loved to get away, whether it be local or international.  over the years, i’ve documented our travels extensively and given various piece of travel advice you can find here and here among other places.   if you’re looking for packing tips, specifically how to fit your travel wardrobe comfortably into your luggage, make sure to check out the video below. 

earlier this fall, i went to visit one of my kiddos in NYC.  that was the first trip i’ve taken without mr. style, and i put together both a travel guide & capsule, as well as a collection of outfits of the day.  this week in France is my first international trip without him, and stay tuned for Thursday’s post:  the definitive guide to international travel.  

top carry on items 

today, i want to focus on the must have carry on items for both domestic and international travel.  obviously, the most important carry on items are your bags.  you’re going to want to bring 2 bags: a travel bag/purse & your roller.   for those of you subscribed to my 7 favorite things email, you may have seen a few of the bags below.  (for those of you that aren’t subscribed, make sure to subscribe to our “product & sales” email on the sidebar to your right.)

i’m absolutely in love with the expandable travel bag from Nordstrom.  it’s extremely versatile in addition to just plain looking good.  and if you like this one, check out the entire Longchamp Paris line.  and how fun is this watercolor roller from West Elm?  if you want a bag to standout in a carousel crowd, then this is it.  be sure to check it and the other luggage sale items out at West Elm. 

once you’ve settled on your bags, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve packed at least the following items.  plane rides can be long, and if you’re in the middle of an unknown international city, you’re going to want to have these basic essentials at your disposal. 

  • passport
  • kindle
  • iPhone
  • headphones
  • portable charger
  • lint roller
  • water bottle 
  • advil
  • hand sanitizer
  • lip balm 
  • melatonin,
  • tide bleach pen
  • eye drops
  • hand and face wipes 
  • band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and gauze pads.

3 essential wardrobe items 

putting together your travel wardrobe can be daunting.  and like with anything, you can save yourself a lot of headache and frustration by going into it with a game plan.  a lot of us have a tendency to overpack and choose things we think we might want if...  and that’s fine, no doubt.  but that means that oftentimes we’re over our weight limit; or we check an oversized bag instead of a medium; or we bring 2 checked bags instead of 1.    

part of a packing game plan is knowing and bringing the absolute essentials.  don’t worry.  i’ve got you covered.  below are my top 3 travel wardrobe essentials. 

1. black pants. 

chances are, you’re going to go out to a nice bar or dinner in Paris.  or maybe you’ll catch a play in London.  and even if you don’t have anything formal planned, you just might change your plans last minute.  black pants work in any formal occasion, no matter what city or country you find yourself in.  don’t forget them.  

2. denim 

dress them up.  dress them down.  dress them somewhere in-between. there is no single item more essential to pack than denim.  this is because jeans are so darn flexible.  and being a good traveler just means being flexible.  when in doubt, pack a couple of pairs.

3. sweater

spring, summer, fall, or winter—bring a sweater.  i promise you, the plane you’re flying in and the museum you’re planning on touring is going to be cool, if not cold inside.  always bring at least one sweater.  always.  

travel capsule

now for my France fashion travel capsule wardrobe.  below, i’ve broken my items down by type and provided links for (at least) similar items.  stay tuned all week to see how i wore each outfit, both on the blog as well as YouTube.  

shirts & dresses

tie neck blouse | tie neck blouse 2 | similar zebra shirt | similar denim shirt | similar white shirt

similar black turtlneck dress | similar flower print dress

sweaters & jackets 

fisherman sweater | fisherman sweater 2 | grey turtlneck | red turtlneck | mockneck | crewneck | black sweater | similar stripe sweater

trench coat | trench coat 2 | black blazer | black blazer 2 | black blazer 3 | leather jacket | leather jacket 2lavender blazer | lavender blazer 2 | lavender blazer 3 | white jacket


roaming tiger pantsglen plaid pantsleather leggingssimilar chinos | similar black trousers | dark skinny jeans | boyfriend jeans

and shoes & accessories 

coach bag | white loafer | booties | sneakers | scarf | pumps

and of course… sleepwear 

pjs | robe | similar hoodie | similar joggers | similar slippers

travel summary: new york city

i’m an empty-nester.  all three kiddos have been out of the house for a long time now.  and while two out of the three are here in Athens with me, i’ve got one that lives in New York City.  i try to get out to see him once or twice a year.  as some of you may have seen on Instagram, i went to visit him this past weekend.  and what a fantastic trip.  so many places to go, and so many places to be.  (we went to see Chicago on Broadway!)  but while i was there, it struck me that so many of you are taking similar trips this fall.  i know traveling can be stressful:  packing, getting to and from the airport, and taxiing in an unfamiliar city can be time consuming and overwhelming. whether you’re going with spouses for a weekend getaway, visiting (grand)kiddos across the country, or traveling for business,  i wanted to give you some travel tips & fashion ideas for your fall journeys. so today’s post is all about NYC travel tips and fashion.

travel outfit of the day

deciding what to wear on a flight can be tricky.  overdressing can be uncomfortable, especially on long flights.  but i like to be stylish—even at the airport—so underdressing isn’t an option.  i take the Goldilocks approach and aim for the sweet spot right in the middle.  for my flight to NYC, i sported a denim boilersuit you can grab from Nordstroms and a pair of Tretorn ny lite sneakers.  super easy, super comfy, and super stylish.  not a lot of moving parts in this outfit, which is exactly what we’re going for, especially when we consider going through airport security.    


denim boilersuit sneakers | similar handbag similar Delsey underseat suitcase

when going for a weekend trip, i pack light.  (you can read about how i pack my carry-ons here.) two bags this weekend:  an under-seat suitcase created for Macy’s and a suede satchel you can pick up from Talbots.  bags, including suitcases, are accessories that can take your outfit to the next level and really make it shine.  the red color pop from the satchel contrasts perfectly with the cool denim and really makes the entire outfit pop. stay tuned to how i styled this ootd for nighttime. it’s another NYC travel tips and fashion

night outfit of the day

if you want to keep your weekend suitcase small and are committed to packing light, think about reusing your travel outfit.  swap out your sneakers for heels and spruce up the original outfit with accessories and/or layers.  


denim boiler suit blazer shoes similar handbag

here, i’ve kept the original denim boilersuit, swapped out the sneakers for some Tory Burch pumps and layered the outfit with a perfect-for-fall plaid long double-breasted blazer.

whether you’re heading out for cocktails, dinner, or a movie pair this outfit with this a simply sleek leather clutch, and you’re good for a night on the town. 

denim boiler suit blazer shoes similar handbag

travel tips

traveling alone

with mr. style gone, i have to travel alone.  without someone to help share the load, i’ve got to be prepared.  below, i’ve compiled a list below of the things i think about before, during, and after a trip.  all are obvious, but all are worth reminding ourselves every time.  

  • packing.  packing is planning, and planning is packing. have the right suitcases and bags for the right trips.  are you going for a weekend getaway or a two week stay in Europe?  different locale and durations have different requirements.  and remember always that suitcases are investments—they’re worth the upfront cost.  if you’re in need of inspiration on how or what to pack, check out some of my older posts here, here and here.
  • your wallet.  seems obvious, but how many times have you walked out of the house without your ID, keys, credit card(s), and/or cash?  it happens to all of us.  you don’t want it to happen to you, especially if you’re leaving the country.  always double and triple check whether you have at least your ID—drivers license and/or passport—and a credit card.  that way if you get stranded, God forbid, you can head to a branch of your bank, hotel, and/or embassy and resolve the situation as painlessly as possible. 
  • phone & apps.  you’ve got your phone, but did you forget your charger?  you’ve got you charger, but do you have a backup battery supply?  our phones have become such integral parts of our lives, it’s not only frustrating when they’re out of juice, it can be scary, especially when we’re in an unfamiliar city.  also, it’s worth checking whether you not only have all of the necessary apps for your trip, but that they’re properly configured too.  uber, airb&b, delta, google and/or apple maps, expedia, etc.  apps are there to make our lives easier.  however, don’t get caught in a situation where you’re trying to grab an uber in L.A. only to discover that you’re credit card information is wrong and you don’t have service. 
  • know where you’re going and what’s available to you when you’re there.  are you going to Brazil or some other country that requires a travel visa?  does your cell carrier offer international travel plans, or will you have to buy a burner phone when you land?  does your airb&b have wifi, or will you have to find a local coffee shop to check email?  these are all questions that you should ask your self well before you land in your destination city.  do some research about where you’re going and what they have to offer.   knowing is in fact half of the battle.
  • have a plan.  from the initial stages of packing to a list of bars and restaurants you want to try when you arrive—plan your trip.  some of you are over-planners.  some of you fly by the seat of your pants.  i’m somewhere in the middle but am always on the lookout for new travel tips, tricks and hacks.  do you have any that i forgot?  add them in the comments below. 

more NYC travel tips and fashion outfit ideas 

i would be remiss if i didn’t give you a breakdown of the outfits i wore in NYC.  below, you’ll find i’ve laid them all out—literally on my table—in the hopes that it will provide you with inspiration for your fall travels.  remember, one of the keys to traveling is layering.  temperatures fluctuate wildly, especially in transition seasons like fall and spring.  airplanes are cold, and stepping out of the airport in Atlanta can be extremely hot.  one way to be prepared is to design outfits with multiple layers:  t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and the like.    

outfit 1: marigold tunic & skinny jeans


denim | similar tunic here, here & here | similar shoes similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

outfit 2: denim jacket & black joggers

similar joggers tee | denim jacket shoes similar handbag | similar necklace similar bracelets

outfit 3: tweed blazer & distressed jeans 

denim | similar graphic tee here, here, & here blazer similar shoes | similar handbag | similar necklace | similar bracelets

all right, gang, it’s wednesday! time to put a smile on someone’s face including your own. 


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