Hello, it’s great to see you! Today I want to share my love for the pencil skirt; and I want to show you how to style this old classic with a modern twist.  It’s always a good idea to have at least one in your closet. Even if you don’t work in an office, a pencil skirt will serve you well. Whether it’s date night, a business-y meeting, or event, this classic separate is always a stylish choice. 


The Summary

  Today, Kelly is styling an old classic with a modern twist:  a pencil skirt from J.Crew and puff sleeve top from Everlane

  The outfit is modeled, and she pulled together 3 alternates

  The outfit is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

How To Style An Old Classic With A Modern Twist

1. Petite No. 3 Pencil Skirt


When I worked in an office, I regularly wore pencil skirts. I had at least 6 or 8 in different colors, prints and fabrics. My go-to for pencil skirts is J.Crew. Their petite No.2 Pencil skirt sizing has always been spot on. So easy to style with button ups, sweaters, blouses and t-shirts, no matter the season. 


Petite No. 3 Pencil Skirt (J.Crew) | Eyelet Puff Sleave Top (Everlane) | Bembien Marfa Bag (J.Crew) | Kiera Lugsole Sandal (similar, Madewell) | Italian Leather Buckle (similar, Everlane) | Loli Ankle-Strap Sandal (similar, Madewell) | Zodiac (similar, Zappos)

Shop more J.Crew skirts

Say hello to the petite No.3 Pencil Skirt. The difference between the No.2 and No.3 is the length. The No.3 falls just below the knee. The bi-stretch cotton is perfect for summer; so is the selection of colors offered right now. Pale lavender and periwinkle are options. Along with the classics, navy and black. I went for white! 


To me, this is a fun outfit. Perfect for brunch, or a dinner date. The color combination feels fresh, the moss green of the puff sleeve eyelet top is brightened up by the bright white of the skirt. I really did think this top would be overwhelming on my frame with the puff sleeves, But it was worth trying because I love how it fits, feels and looks! It’s fun, flirty and feminine with the eyelet material. The moss green just takes it to a new level of fun. 

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2. Shopping Everlane Online

If you haven’t shopped at Everlane online, I highly recommend you take a look. The shopping experience is very user friendly. And their returns are the simplest out there because they work with a third party called Happy Returns.

Happy Returns operates out of select FedEx Office locations. When you make your return online and select the Happy Return option, you get a list of FedEx Office locations near you that offer Happy Returns. You get a QR code emailed to you and all you have to do is take the item to the FedEx location. You don’t need a shipping box, there is no shipping label to print. Just let the FedEx employee scan the QR code in your email. They package it up and your return is complete. Your refund will automatically be refunded to your original payment method when they scan the code. It’s super easy and fast! 


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3. Puff Sleeve Eyelet Top


This moss green puff sleeve eyelet top is from Everlane. I am wearing regular size xs. The sleeves are a little longer on my arm, but the waist hits just right for me. For average-height people, this top would be a little cropped but is still great with high-waisted jeans, skirts, shorts, and pants. I love the tie detail on the back. 


Petite No. 3 Pencil Skirt (J.Crew) | Eyelet Puff Sleave Top (Everlane) | Bembien Marfa Bag (J.Crew)

Shop more J.Crew skirts

Pointy toe flats would be really cute with this pencil skirt, but I decided to go with neutral heels. These are several years old, from Madewell, but any neutral strappy sandal would work. Here are similar versions: 

Similar Loli Ankle Strap Sandal (Madewell) | Kiera Sandal In Woven Leather (Madewell) | Italian Leather Buckle Heel (Everlane) | Similar Zodiac Ilsa Sandal (Zappos)


For an extra summertime vibe, I have my Bembien Marfa Bag from J.Crew. We are at the Famous Georgia Theater. The rooftop offers views of historic downtown Athens. This rooftop bar has a cool refreshing breeze, just perfect on a hot summer night. Cheers everyone! 


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Alternative Stylings

More Ways to Wear It 1
More Ways to Wear It 2
More Ways to Wear It 3

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Hello, It’s great to see you! I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday weekend. We had quite a mix of incredibly hot temperatures, thunderstorms and wind, torrential downpours and pleasantly partly cloudy skies. We made the most of it and gathered at Beth’s for a family dinner; with lawn games and cold drinks. Today, I'm continuing with a focus on petite stylings. I'm looking at what the mini skirt trend means for petites.


The Summary

  Today, Kelly shows us how how petites can wear the mini skirt trend in a non-mini way

  Kelly's modeled a linen mini skirt from J.Crew, and pulled together 3 alternates

  The outfit is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

What The Mini Skirt Trend Means for Petites

1. My Rose Garden

Today, I have styled this white linen full skirt a little more casual with a cropped cotton tee shirt and colorful espadrille mules. 


Linen Mini Skirt (J.Crew) | Cropped Organic Slub Cotton Tee (J.Crew) | Similar Espadrille Mules (Soludos) | Similar Espadrille Sandals (Talbots) | Similar Woven Tote (J.Crew)

I am showing off the progress of our rose garden today. Last summer we started this little rose garden in our backyard. This year, we have added several new plants for color and height variety. While we’ve dealt with learning the curve, this summer’s roses are really starting to come in beautifully. 


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2. Linen Mini Skirt


This skirt is sold at J.Crew in regular sizes only, as a mini skirt. But you know what that means for us petites! Instead of being a mini skirt falling mid-thigh, this full skirt falls just above my knee. It fits true to size, I am wearing size regular 0.

The skirt is linen, but it’s lined so you don’t have to worry about it being sheer. I do love a full skirt; and it seems they are making a bit of a comeback, in easy to wear casual fabrics like cotton poplin and linen. 

The fullness of the pleated linen and the shorter length of this skirt make it sweet and flirty. It is so much fun to wear! 


Linen Mini Skirt (J.Crew) | Cropped Organic Slub Cotton Tee (J.Crew) | Similar Espadrille Mules (Soludos) | Similar Espadrille Sandals (Talbots) | Similar Woven Tote (J.Crew)

To keep things really casual, I am wearing a cropped tee shirt, untucked. I am a tuck-it-in kind of person, mostly because tee shirt lengths are always so long on me. So it’s really nice to find shorter length tee shirts that I can wear untucked – thanks to the resurfacing crop-top trend. 


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3. Espadrille Mules

An espadrille mule is probably one of the easiest summer shoes to wear. This pair is from Soludos. I fell in love with the applique flowers. They are several years old, but Soludos usually has a few colorful options for embroidered espadrilles each year. I found an alternative at Talbots too, check them out below.

Strawberry Patch Espadrilles (Soludos) | Izzy Embroidered D’Orsay Chambray Espadrilles (Talbots) 


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Alternative Stylings

More Ways to Wear it - 1
More Ways to Wear it - 2
More Ways to Wear it - 3

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Hello! It’s great to see you today. As far as online petite shopping goes, few brands have really hit the mark for summer dresses as well as Banana Republic has. A couple of weeks ago I featured several petite dresses from them and Banana Republic Factory in my Petite Summer Wedding Guest Dress post. Today I have a slightly more casual petite dress that is just perfect for this crazy heatwave!  Plus, I'm showing you my favorite petite dresses for Summer.


The Summary

  Today Kelly is talking all about her favorite petite dresses for Summer, with a focus on one from Banana

  The dress is modeled, and she pulled together her other favorites at the end of the post

  The dress is shoppable via a text or image widget

  All of her other favorites are shoppable too 

My Favorite Petite Dresses For Summer

1. Stampa Mini Dress

(Banana Republic)

This wrap dress is the Stampa Mini Dress. I am wearing petite xs – and the fit is true to size. The Stampa Mini Dress comes in three colors, and three prints, so there are a lot of options to choose from. I went with the color Yellow Umbrella. Many people think yellow makes them look washed out, or sallow. I used to avoid yellow. But you know what? I decided if I like a color, and it makes me happy, I am going to wear it. 


Yellow might not be your thing. It wasn’t my thing for a very long time. But as I have gotten older, I get a lot of enjoyment out of playing with color; going for colors and prints I used to think were too far outside my comfort zone. But I realized it’s just too much fun to wear a sunny color or a bold print, and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun anymore.


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2. Details

The skirt of the Stampa Dress is lined and not sheer. There is a hook and eye closure at the bust, which I really appreciate. The other great feature of this dress are pockets! 


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3. Accessories

I suppose I could have gone for neutral sandals - but if I am going all out for color, these aqua-colored espadrille low wedges are super fun. This combination is more analogous than complimentary, as aqua has more yellow in it – rather than turquoise or teal, which have more blue. 


Stampa Mini Dress (Banana Republic) | Chiara Wedge Espadrille (Castaner, The Style Depot) | Lyon Wedge (Soludos) | Bembien Flora Rattan Box Clutch (Madewell) | St. Barts Cane Clutch (Lilly Pulitzer) | Tracey Wicker Clutch (J.McLaughlin)

Shop more Banana Republic dresses

I love this low, 2.75-inch wedge, it gives just a little height, they are very easy to wear and walk-in. These are from Castaner, they are several years old, but Zappos has a similar color option this year: Chiara Wedge Espadrille. 


The Wood and Cane Clutch from J.McLaughlin is sold out, but here are a few other options. 

(Madewell) Bembien Rattan Clutch | (Lilly Pulitzer) Cane Clutch | (J.McLaughlin) Wicker Clutch


You certainly don’t have to go for the Yellow Umbrella Stampa Dress, as I mentioned it is available in a variety of colors and prints.

But might I offer this: color is a wondrous thing; yellow is the most luminous color in our spectrum; it’s a celebratory hue often associated with happiness, spring, and sunshine – someone got the memo, because yellow has been all over the runways and in a lot of ready to wear collections this year.

2022 might just be yellow’s best year in fashion! What are your thoughts on wearing bold, celebratory colors?

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My Favorite Petite Dresses


Petite Classic Shirt Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.59.08 AM
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.01.13 AM


Petite Linen Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)


Petite Utility Short Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.03.05 AM
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.06.59 AM


Petite Cutout Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)


Petite Ramie Popover Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.08.52 AM
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.10.42 AM


Petite Meridian Linen Dress

(shop more Banana Republic)

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Hello, thank you for stopping by today! Often when we are going out for dinner, I have to remind myself that at this time of year, the restaurant is going to be very, very air-conditioned.

So as I reach for a cute sleeveless dress, I reconsider. This is when I love to wear something like linen trousers and a lightweight top.  Of course, I can wear a cute sweater to keep from shivering at dinner, but if I can avoid carrying extra stuff, I will. A light top with short sleeves fits the bill. And that top is a must-have Summer fabric.


The Summary

  Today's featured item is the must-have Summer fabric from J.Crew

  The top is modeled, and Kelly pulled together 2 alternates

  The top is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

Must-Have Summer Fabric

1. Eyelet Top

Eyelet is always a popular fabric for summer. It’s so light, fun, and sweet. I like to juxtapose something classically femimine like eyelet with something more masuline, like trousers. This Eyelet Puff Sleeve Top is sold as a crop top, but on me it hits right at my waistline. Which works out well with high-waisted trousers. I am wearing an xs. 


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2. Pleated Linen Trousers

These pleated cupro-linen trousers from J.Crew are linen blended with cupro, creating a fabric that is softer and slightly lighter than 100% linen. Cupro is a really popular fabric this season; I have seen a lot of cupro-linen blends from J.Crew, especially. Cupro is a byproduct of cotton production; it’s a plant-based material that is chemically processed to get silk-like fibers. 

The breathable, silk-like cupro-linen blend gives these trousers a more relaxed look and feel – perfect for walking that summer line between comfortable and put together. 

I am normally not a big fan of pleated pants. But I took a chance on these because there is only one pleat on each side. So, minimal pleats. I have to take baby steps with certain trends and this is one of them! 

Well, I am so happy I took a chance on these trousers. I am wearing petite size 0 and they fit perfectly – in the length and the waist. So comfortable and they wear really well. 


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3. Accessories

I am bringing in black and white with my accessories; I love these leather and canvas two-toned slides from J.Crew. They also come in taupe. Really simple, but with that two-toned detail that makes them versatile and a little different. 

I am always in the market for adding to my woven bag collection. I have a few natural-colored clutches of varying browns, so I was looking for a black version. This foldover woven raffia clutch is the perfect addition to my collection. It has a magnetic closure and it’s roomy enough for all the essentials. I like the foldover design and its unstructured shape is perfect for a casual summer clutch.  


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Alternative Stylings

Linen Trouser Styling
Eyelet Top Styling

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Hello, it’s great to see you today! As a petite, I mostly shop online. Very few brands carry a wide range of petite styles in their brick and mortar stores. Large retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s are a little more generous in their petite offerings in store, but the options are still pretty limited.  So, I decided to talk today about my favorite petite brands.

Like many of you, fellow petites, I have come to rely on certain brands for their consistency in petite sizing. This is helpful on one hand because there’s not a lot of guesswork or returns involved; but on the other hand it can limit our wardrobes to those few brands. 

My Favorite Petite Brands

1. Spanx Wide-Leg Pant


Every so often I like to branch out and try a new brand. Aside from Spanx leggings (which I love), this is the first pair of pants I have purchased from Spanx. And I am happy to share that the Spanx Stretch Twill Cropped Wide Leg Pants are a safe bet.

Personally, I think they fit true to size, I am wearing petite xs. The website suggests sizing up one size if you’re between sizes. The color I am wearing (Parchment) is out of stock in petite, but there are other colors available and I would say go ahead and join the waitlist if this is the color you want – they are worth the wait! 


Shop the outfit

2. Spanx

Wide leg cropped styles for petites are often hit or miss. Many petites feel this style will not work for a shorter frame. And I totally understand that – I used to feel the same way. In fact, I am pretty particular in the way this style fits: I look for a crop that is not too short, with a high rise and a leg opening that is not too wide. A tall order indeed! 

The high rise helps to elongate the leg, which for a shorter person, helps to make this style feel a lot more wearable. 

While Spanx may not have the plethora of pants to choose from that say, J.Crew or Banana Republic might have, their popularity and product offering is growing. Having one more go-to petite brand for pants is a great thing for mixing up your wardrobe. 

So add Spanx to your list of go-to online brands when you’re looking for petite pants in a wide range of sizes. I also want to share the brands I shop online and what I usually go to those brands for; the petite items that I have found to be consistent in their sizing and fit. 


Shop the outfit

3. My Go-To Brands for Online Petite Shopping

J.Crew is probably my top shop for petite wardrobe staples like button ups, blazers, chinos and skirts. 

Classic Petite Finds at J.Crew

Ann Taylor is great for petite skirts and blouses. I have found their petite pants to be kind of hit or miss, but often worth a try. 

Petite Finds at Ann Taylor

Banana Republic is a reliable option; especially for petite dresses and pants. 

Petite Finds at Banana Republic

For denim, I typically stick to Madewell. Their petite denim is always on point: quality denim, well made and reasonably priced. Recently, Gap has come into my view as an affordable petite denim option; especially the High Rise Vintage Slim Jean style. 

Go-To for Petite Denim

Thank you for stopping by today! I am sure most of you are aware of my go-to brands for petites; and I hope that I have given you some inspiration to branch out beyond your go-to brands to add some fresh, fun, reliable petite styles to add to your wardrobe. 

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Hello, happy Thursday to you! To me, summer fashion isn’t complete if linen isn’t a big part of the equation. Especially since moving to Georgia! In the heat of summer, wearing a dress or skirt has been my go-to date night outfit. But with linen, you can wear pants and a blazer, look polished and feel cool enough to sit outside for dinner al fresco. I love having options!  So today, I'm going to show you how to wear linen suit separates this summer.

The Summary

  Today's featured items are linen suit separates from J.Crew Factory

  Kelly modeled the suit, and pulled together 2 alternates

  The outfit is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

How To Wear Linen Suit Separates This Summer

1. Linen Suit Separates

(J.Crew Factory)

These Linen Drawstring Pants from J.Crew Factory are just the ticket. I love these pants because while they are pretty casual, you can easily dress them up with a Linen Blazer in matching white, some strappy sandals and a flowy camisole. The petite sizing is spot on; I am wearing petite 0.

This is my first white blazer. For my introduction into the world of white blazers, a summertime linen blazer is the perfect way to start. This version from J.Crew Factory is at a perfect price point and it is made well. As with the pants, the petite fits true to size; I am wearing petite 0.

If white is not for you, this Linen Drawstring Pant and Linen Blazer combo each come in hot pink and light pink – fun colors for spring and summer.


Shop the outfit

2. Summer Cami

(J.Crew Factory)

Linen is a great summer fabric to mix up with something shiny like silk or satin. It’s a fun play on textures that is cool and refreshing, perfect for summer. A popular item, this washable silk camisole from J.Crew is mostly sold out already, but here are three other options, in a range of colors.

(Nordstrom) Similar Camisole | (Ann Taylor) Similar Camisole | (Banana Republic) Silk Camisole 


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3. Comfortable Summer Sandals


I have had this particular pair of Madewell sandals for about 7 years and they still look and feel great. With a block heel, they are comfortable and easy to walk in. A comfortable heeled sandal in a neutral light brown or tan is a perfect warm-weather option; they go with virtually everything! I have rounded up a few more currents, but similar Madewell styles.

(Madewell) Similar Kiera Lugsole Sandals | (Madewell) Similar Loli Ankle Strap Sandals | (Madewell) Similar Kiera Mule Sandals

I am really shopping my closet for accessories today! My top handle bag is from another company I really like for handbags and wallets, HOBO. Their designs are interesting and the leather is unbelievably beautiful. This style is from 2007/2008, but they have some similar current designs that are gorgeous.

(HOBO) Similar Sheila Handbag | (HOBO) Similar Darling Small Satchel | (HOBO) Similar Giorgia Convertible Bag

Thank you all for stopping by today, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Kelly



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Alternative Stylings

Post 05-12_Alt1
Post 05-12_Alt2

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Hello! Today we are taking a stroll through the Georgia State Botanical Gardens. It’s a beautiful spot here in Athens, and the weather is perfect for an afternoon walk through the flowers and trees.  A walk outdoors means I'm going with a relaxed put-together look today.

The Summary

  Today's featured item is a pair of boyfriend chinos from J.Crew for a relaxed put-together look

  The pants are modeled, and Kelly pulled together 2 alternates

  The outfit is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

Relaxed Put-Together Look

1. Boyfriend Chino Pants


As the temperatures begin to heat up, my jeans start to find their way to the back of my closet, while lightweight chinos and linen pants move to the front. Today’s post focuses on the Boyfriend-fit Chino Pant; a new chino fit from J.Crew. These pants have a lower rise and an overall looser fit for cool comfort. 

The waistline of the Boyfriend Chino Pant hits just at the hip, so it’s a refreshing change from the high-waisted pants that have ruled for the past couple years. Slouchy, with a relaxed fit; the light cotton chino fabric is soft yet these pants hold their shape well and still look fresh after hours of walking around in the heat. I am wearing The Boyfriend Chino Pant in a Petite 25.


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2. Denim Chambray Shirt


On warmer days, I love to use a chambray button up as a second layer instead of a light jacket or sweater. A chambray shirt will go with all kinds of outfits and they’re lighter to carry around than a denim jacket. 


Shop the outfit

3. Cotton Tank Top


Today’s outfit is all about comfortable, casual style. This simple cotton tank from J.Crew is sold as a cropped tank top. I wanted to avoid too much of a “crop top” look, so I sized up one size from my usual regular size xs, to a small. The length hits right at my hip, so no crop happening, but it does it at just the right spot so I don’t need to tuck it in.


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4. Top Handle Tote Bag


This Fiona Top Handle Tote Bag from J.Mclaughlin is great to carry along for a shopping trip, or a walk around the Georgia State Botanical Gardens. The shoulder/crossbody strap makes it easy to go hands free. And the bag is roomy enough to carry my essentials, along with my denim shirt when it got too hot to wear it. 

I love the bamboo top handle on this bag and I also love the camera strap-style removable strap. Camera-strap straps are definitely on-trend this year; I see so many bags with removable straps in fun patterns and colors that contrast with the bag itself. It’s a fun way to add a color contrasting color pop, or to color coordinate with an outfit. 


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5. Boardwalk Fisherman Slide Sandal


Fisherman sandals are everywhere this summer. Madewell has several cute versions. This Boardwalk version is a flat slide with a padded sole, which makes them super comfortable and easy to wear all day long.  

I am wearing the English Saddle color, which Madewell does a lot of – so they coordinate really well with their bags and belts. The sandal also comes in Ashen Sand and Black. I am tempted to buy the other two colors! They are really cute, versatile, comfortable sandals that will get a lot of wear this summer. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today, see you again next week! 


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Alternative Stylings

Post 04_28_Alt1
Post 04_28_Alt2

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Hello! It’s great you’re here today. Shirtdresses are one of my favorite dress styles, and they come in so many varieties; straight or full-skirted, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless…you’re sure to find a style that works for you.   But being petite, sometimes it's challenging to get the sizing just right.  So here's how to size a shirtdress for petites. 

The Summary

  Today's featured item is a shirtdress from J.Crew Factory

  The dress is modeled, and I pulled together 2 alternates

  The dress is shoppable via a text or image widget

  Each alternate is shoppable via a text widget

How to Size a Shirtdress For Petites

1. Shirtdress

(J.Crew Factory)

This floral shirtdress from J.Crew Factory is sold as a mini dress, but they don’t offer it in petite sizing. So for us petites, the length ends up hitting just above the knee, rather than mid-thigh. I am wearing a regular size 0.

Despite it not being a petite size, the only real difference is the length of the skirt. The sleeves and waistline hit at just the right spot. The dress fits TTS. 


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2. Belt

For a looser, more casual look, you can forgo a belt. Since we were headed to dinner, I went with a belt to accentuate the waistline. My plain, warm gray-colored belt hints to the wood tones in my wood and cane clutch. 

Tip: When my belt is too stiff to wrap or tuck the tail under, I use a small piece of double sided Scotch foam mounting tape to keep the belt tail in place. As long as I remove the tape after each wear, I haven’t had any issues with tape residue on my leather belts. 

This belt is old, but here are similar options: 

Belt 1 | Belt 2 | Belt 3

The belt options are what can really change up the look of a shirtdress and this is probably the most fun part of shirtdresses in general, you can get creative with your accessories: wide belts, skinny belts, wrap belts – there are so many options! 


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3. Accessories

At the first blush of Spring, I am in my closet pulling all of my espadrilles from the dark corners of winter storage and swapping their placement with my winter shoes on the front shelves. I love espadrilles. Flats, wedges, lace up, mules, slip ons – I love them all. 

The latest addition to my ever-growing collection are these lace up wedges from J.Crew Factory. They are a natural canvas color (so they go with literally everything) and they have light metallic threads woven into the canvas. These wedges fit TTS and are very comfortable for walking around. 

J.McLaughlin is a great go-to brand for cane, wicker and woven bags. Recently, I went for this Genevieve Wood and Cane Clutch. 

I love the wood frame of this clutch. The wood adds such a great natural look and feel to any outfit. Beautifully made and perennially on trend for summer, I know this wood and cane clutch will see years of use. 


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Alternative Stylings

Post 04-21_Alt1
Post 04-21_Alt2

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After a week of thunderstorms followed by unseasonably cold temperatures, I am happy to get out and about in a more spring appropriate outfit! While I keep my overall silhouette somewhat classically prep, I do love to play with prints and color. Today’s outfit is an example of the latter.  I'm going to show you how to wear the spring monochrome trend in 2022.

My husband Alex and I went to check out a barbecue and burger place here in Athens called White Tiger Gourmet. It’s a casual spot housed in an old grocery store, built in 1905. With shaded outdoor tables and delicious food, I know we'll be coming back here all summer long!

The Summary (TL;DR)

  Today's featured items are a smocked puff sleeve linen top and Kate pants from J.Crew

  The outfit is modeled, and Kelly pulled together 3 alternatives

  The takeaway fashion tip:  try a monochrome outfit with different shades of the same color

How to Wear The Spring Monochrome Trend 2022

1. J.Crew Smocked Puff Sleeve Linen Top


Monochromatic outfits are really easy to put together – especially when you mix shades of the same color. There is no wrong way to do this. Shades of the same color will always go together.

Today, I went for mixing shades of green.

As soon as the temps warm up, I am all about linen. Every spring and summer I am looking to add to my linen top collection and this new smocked puff-sleeve top from J.Crew is a great addition. The ruffled neckline and puffed sleeves add a feminine touch, which is a really fun difference from many of the camp shirt styles found in linen shirts. 


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2. Kate Pant


I have been getting a lot of wear out of these versatile straight-leg pants from J.Crew. The bi-stretch cotton is light and super comfortable. The Kate pant comes in a variety of colors that are perfect for year-round wear. 


Shop the outfit

3. Accessories

(Madewell, Assorted Similars)

With a monochromatic outfit, you can go monochrome with your shoes too, or you can get a little creative and throw in a pop of color, or print. I went with these snake print loafers (old), Similar here, here and here. I do consider snake print in neutral colors to function as a neutral – so you can really get away with adding them to a variety of colors and outfits for a little print pop. 

I love the square shape of this Transport Tote from Madewell. It’s just big enough for my essentials. I have detached the crossbody strap to make a handbag. This particular Madewell bag is about 10 years old, and after years of near constant use, it has aged really well.

Alex and I moved to Athens the summer before the Pandemic; with moving and organizing our home renovation, we haven’t had much opportunity to explore our new city until this summer. So I am really looking forward to getting out there and seeing (and sharing with you) all that Athens has to offer! Thanks so much for stopping by today, take care and be well! xo Kelly


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