sunday style | 5 classic and timeless wardrobe essentials

there’s no foolin’ about it. there are 5 items hanging in my closet that i always keep on hand. in a world filled with trends, it’s ever so nice to reach for classic items that work for you year in and year out. they’re chic, they’re effortless and instantly elevate any outfit.

white shirt a crisp white shirt goes with everything. and i mean everything. wear an oversized shirt (or borrow mr. style’s) for a casual weekend look. or pop one on under a tailored black blazer for a corporate power look. as you can you see, a white shirt runs the gamut from casual elegance to evening glamor. and everything in between. there are lots of fun details to look for: french cuffs, fluted sleeves, scalloped edge. but sometimes all you need is a plain old button-down. just don’t forget to pop the collar.

valentine love

corporate crusader

silk scarf this is an item i don’t mind spending big bucks on. but there’s a silk scarf available at every price point. silk scarves are versatile and can be worn 365 days out of the year. if you are looking for instant chic tie a scarf around your waist, handbag, and yes, your neck.

spring rhaposody

rockin' robin

tueday shoesday

the need for tweed

denim jeans we all know i’m a blue jean mama from the get-go. years ago, i had to shop in the men’s department for my beloved blue jeans. but in the past 30 years or so denim has been revolutionized with spandex. can i hear an amen?! these days jeans are comfy and chic – cuffed or uncuffed, frayed or hemmed. a killer combo. my tried-and-true my style uniform includes a pair of blue jeans. for those of you new to the blog my uniform consists of the 4 B’s – blue jeans, button-down, blazer, and ballet flats. but blue jeans and a classic moto jacket are just plain fun to wear. don’t forget to add white to your collection. or black. or gray. or whatever color suits your fancy.

throwback thursday

rainy days and mondays

varsity blues

blazer what more can i say about a classic blazer? it gives instant glam to a humble pair of blue jeans. but works just as well to dress down an evening look. pop one over a skirt, faux leather leggings, or a dress. a blazer is always on trend. start with black, navy, and white. then add on patterns and colors to your hearts content.

handbag a structured handbag is the finishing touch to any outfit. it’s the cherry on top. a neutral color palette will give you bang for your buck. but once you have the basic color palette sitting on your shelf feel free to branch out. a beautiful handbag is one item i never hesitate to splurge on as i consider them an investment piece. but there is a price point for every budget. check out the details on luxury handbags and look for similar details in a lower price range.

faux weather friends
color charm

leapin' leopard

p.s. i’ve included a video where i share my how-to-tie-a-scarf techniques. happy sunday ladies!



  1. Sharon Woryn wrote:

    This was a wonderful post and I loved seeing each outfit. I have so many blazers for the very reasons you mentioned. They are great at this time of year when the weather is in transition and you really don’t need a coat. I agree about the handbags—they add that touch to an outfit to make it extraordinary.

    Posted 4.2.17
  2. Rebecca Saffer wrote:

    Love the outfits. You have a great collection of blazers which is my favorite clothing item. The video was terrific. For some reason, I believe because I have a short neck, scarves can look frumpy on me. I do have a few really nice silk squares (Hermes, Pucci and Feragamo) but when I wear them, I feel a bit dowdy in them. I will try using them as a belt or keeping the ends long under a jacket.

    Posted 4.2.17
    • thanks, rebecca! the video is a new adventure and we’re learning with each and every one. but don’t give up on wearing a scarf around your neck. just don’t tie it tightly, keep it loose and flowy. it might work.

      Posted 4.5.17
  3. Sharon Woryn wrote:

    The video is terrific! I love your blog because it is my style as well. Again, thank you for the reminder to utilize my scarves. You help me stay out of getting into a rut and I appreciate that you have a “real” body and you are not a mannequin. Like the reminder to “elevate” our outfits.

    Posted 4.2.17
    • aww, thanks sharon! mr. style and i have lots to learn with the videos but we’ll keep getting better each time. as for scarves, i can’t think of anything more versatile and practical and beautiful. my mother’s generation always wore scarves and she would pop one on my head when we rode in our convertible.

      Posted 4.5.17
  4. Mary Ryabich wrote:

    you have really great taste! love your style very much!

    Posted 4.3.17
    • hi mary!
      thanks so much for stopping by.

      Posted 4.5.17
  5. Sue Smith wrote:

    Lots of pretty looks. I am catching up today on posts I missed from busy days. I have shelves full of scarves. They’re such fun, and I never seem to think I have enough. I love ’em. And I do use them. People always tell me they like how I wear them, and I’m always surprised, because I didn’t think I had a particular “way” at all!

    Posted 4.3.17
    • that’s so funny, sue! sometimes, i forget how i tied one and have to go back and figure it out. but they are so darn versatile and keep the chill away.

      Posted 4.5.17

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