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Honor – Remember – Celebrate!!

For this special Memorial Day Weekend, my MMK Guest Post…is Honoring, Remembering, and Celebrating those who have served and keep us safe and protected!! Some are our Father’s, Uncles, and Grandfather’s – we also celebrate Father’s Day on June 20th!!

My own dear American-Italian Naval Father – cherished photo in my Bronze Frame Collection.

Proud Merchant Marine, Dear Friends…

Cheers!! How about Red, White and Blue to commemorate and celebrate…kicking off a summer of “new Freedom??” Americana at its star-spangled best…all summer long!! Is your Passport travel-ready…Graphic Image has been my well-loved, go to for quality leather goods since my days at Gump’s in San Francisco….fabulous all! Great men’s gifts too (Dad and Groomsmen)!! Enjoy Diaries, Albums…Bound books, and more!! Made in America…Tom, I love you – still!!

We are really ready!! Beyond ready!! Cheers!!

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Stars and Stripes Forever… Certainly Blue and White are classic table and design color themes…here are only a few.
Kate Spade New York’s fun, painterly Charlotte Street is a favorite…so versatile and has great accessories and glasses too.

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Ralph Lauren has created an entire empire on love for Americana!! We do love our Ralph!! Father of Fashion and a beautiful accomplished family. You must have enjoyed his daughter Dylan’s fun and festive Candies.

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Exciting companions to your dinnerware or cocktail bar! Intermezzo Blue from Orrefors is a beautiful design by Erika Lagerbielke – really art glass! Each glass has a charming teardrop of blue! Chic and happy for Champagne, Martini’s, Wine and of course, the Double Old Fashioneds are for everything…. bubbly water included!! Cheers!!
The Ralph Lauren Home Bedding Collections are charming… Very many of my Home Clients have enjoyed 100% Cotton Sheets – the 464 Percale for the summer months – for those of us who sleep hot or live in warm climates! The 624 Sateen Collection has been a go-to for the smooth and silky feel – Brides and Grooms included!!

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Ralph’s amazing eye has developed quite the Car Collection…in addition to fabulous, inspiring homes.

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A new publication could be fun for Dad too! opens in a new windowA Man & His Car: Iconic Cars and Stories from the Men Who Love Them 

Cheers…to your long Memorial Day Weekend and start to our official Summer!!

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Till…. next week!! Honor – Remember – Celebrate – Enjoy our American Heritage!! xoxo MMK


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  1. Alec wrote:

    I’ve followed you, through email and YouTube, for a year now. I want to thank you for enhancing my life so much this year. I’ve gone grey, I’ve greatly improved my accessorizing, and I’m exercising more and eating better.

    Preppy style and Talbot’s have been a part of my life since I saved money from a high school job to buy a dress at Talbots. I not only wear and decorate with Ralph Lauren, but so do my children and grandchildren.

    Thank you so much.

    Posted 5.29.21
  2. Andrea wrote:

    Handsome father! I can see you in his face and your personality in his laugh🥂

    We all wish wars would never happen, but reality is, they do. Freedom is never free and our military families pay the price. For all the simple pleasures that we enjoy, we should pay too – pay tribute, honour and appreciated. 🎁

    Posted 5.29.21
  3. Carol Bartling wrote:

    And….. let us not forget on this Memorial Day weekend; the WOMEN, the moms, the aunts, the sisters and grandmothers we honor, remember and celebrate for their/ and their families, sacrifices to protect and keep us safe… Blessings to ALL our heroes; the Men and the Women who have, and do serve. God Bless America, the land that we Love!

    Posted 5.29.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Hi Carol…
      Yes, for sure we honor All…men, women and their families. Enjoy a weekend of celebration. xoxo Marlene

      Posted 5.31.21
  4. Thank you Beth, one more time you feel us with articles and photos of good people that fought for our country.
    Very appropriate for the holiday and what are country is facing right now!!

    Posted 5.29.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Hi Gloria,
      Marlene here…so pleased you enjoyed my Saturday Post to honor, remember and celebrate!! xoxo Have a wonderful weekend. MMK

      Posted 5.31.21
  5. Yorkiesmama wrote:

    I’m so glad you’re the Saturday poster on SAACA (Beth’s blog)! I look forward to your heartfelt home ware focus as well … and really enjoyed today’s with a nod to the men who have made a difference!

    Posted 5.29.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Your are so lovely to share such sweet comments. Delighted you are enjoying my Saturday Home Posts. More to come….xoxo Enjoy this Holiday Weekend!

      Posted 5.31.21
  6. Paula Kopczynski wrote:

    Your dad was very handsome!! My daddy was in the Merchant Marines, too! May we never forget the ones that have given their lives for our freedom!!
    Happy Memorial Day!!

    Posted 5.29.21
    • marlene kristoff wrote:

      Hi Paula…
      Thanks for your endearing thoughts – yes we never forget…xoxo MMK

      Posted 5.31.21
  7. marlene kristoff wrote:

    Hello Andrea,

    Thank you for your special thoughts this special Memorial Day Weekend…
    Happy to salute all the dedicated men and women who have saved us….xoxo Marlene

    Posted 5.31.21

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