Happy Flower The Sunflower

  1. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Marlene, you’ve made my heart smile with your sunflower post today! Pleased to learn more about the flower and its meaning in various areas. Some fifteen-plus years ago, a coworker placed a beautiful sunflower plague on her desk. She shared that being a Kansas girl, it served to remind her that just as sunflowers are their loveliest on the hottest summer days, tossed to and fro in the hot summer breezes, so are we women capable of being likewise when the trials of life toss us to and fro! I immediately adopted the sunflower as my reminder. Have shared sunflower gifts with the story with many a woman since that day. I use the sunflower emoji in my texts 🙂 You bring such delightful subjects every Saturday. So happy Beth has shared you with us! Thank you! Hugs~

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Sylvia!! You have made my now this time!! Thrilled you enjoyed…and it brought happy memories!! Yes, life tosses us about…yet we are stronger than we think!! I enjoy Saturdays will you too!
      xoxo MMK🌻

  2. Carroll says:

    I love sunflowers!! Enjoyed your post.

  3. I was tire and down and you make me come alive again.
    Sun flowers are suppose to be a flower of happiness.
    Thank you Beth

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi Gloria, Marlene – MMK here! Happy my guest post from Saturday lifted your spirits!! Certainly, was my intention!! Till this Saturday…enjoy!! xoxo MMK 🌻

  4. NC Girl says:

    I always enjoy your weekly posts, Marlene! Perfect that you chose the Sunflower … just saw the Van Gogh Immersion Event (happening nationwide) and this blog played perfectly with that.

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi NC Girl!! You are lovely to send me such happy comments, thank you!! van Gogh certainly continues to inspire!!🌻
      My years in the museum world have certainly made life richer. Kind thanks for sharing….xoxo MMK

  5. marlene kristoff says:

    🌻I enjoyed writing it and love that you enjoyed too!! Thank you Carol…till Saturday!! xoxo MMK

  6. Lin de Miller says:

    Love this! It was so relaxing to look at!

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