A Celebration of the Queen

  1. Kim says:

    What a beautiful post and tribute! Truly the end of an era. Like everyone else, thought she’d live forever. Toasted her memory the other night with her favorite cocktail: Dubonnet & Gin. Cheers to a life of duty and love of country.

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Thank you, Kim. Happy you enjoyed and are toasting her memory and life with one of her favorites! We can imagine her smiling over such a tribute! xoxo MMK

  2. Frances Jackson says:

    Marlene, what a beautiful and detailed tribute. It’s always amazing when someone from “overseas” shares in the love and deep respect we have for our late Queen. She was a remarkable lady in every sense of the word. I was also so impressed when Beth made her own such kind comments a few days ago – both you ladies touch the hearts of us Brits at this very sad time. Thank you.

  3. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    Marlene, your tribute is absolutely lovely. Most of us have not lived a day without Queen Elizabeth in our life. Have read countless articles and posts about her since her passing, but must say yours is the most beautiful of all…as was Queen Elizabeth. Thank you from a grateful reader.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Dear Sylvia,
      Your words are most touching…thank you.
      Her life was truly inspirational.
      The UK and the Queen are very dear to me.
      xoxo MMK

  4. Carolina Girl says:

    An incredible post, Marlene! Down to her favorite nail polish color and brand of tea! I adore all the photos of her in her signature colorful suits/hats that you posted as well as the “through the years” silhouettes at the beginning. Thanks for this.

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi Carolina Girl –
      Delighted you enjoyed my heartfelt post with a bit of lighthearted whimsey! She was a dear…and I was happy to share some of my favorite photos with you!! xoxo Thank you! Marlene

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