fridays with oscar | wimbledon (saturday edition)

  1. Polly says:

    I love your glasses!

  2. Janice says:

    Beth, so glad to get your post today! Was so worried about what may have been. It sounds like you and your DIL have a good relationship. I hope you enjoy your day in Atlanta with her! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Linda Serrano says:

    I do enjoy a Pimms cup, thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Love any and all Nordstrom sales. Your hair looks amazing. Is it cut shorter or just styled differently? It is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you find.

  5. Bonnie Abrams says:

    Beth, Oscar is such a handsome devil! I don’t blame him for wanting to snooze. I’ve been doing the same in this very hot weather…even in Wisconsin. Love your outfit. Your table always looks so inviting.

  6. Violet L O'Brien says:

    Hello Beth, You didn’t mention it, but looks like you’ve had your hair cut. It is lovely and most becoming! Enjoy shopping with your daughter in law and have a great weekend.

  7. Suzanne says:

    I enjoy your blog so much. I see your cat in that last pic! Love your new haircut and I love those glasses!

  8. Peggy McCloskey says:

    your hair is shorter–is that for summer? it looks “refreshing”

  9. Prayers for you and Mr Style in your time of need. God bless you for8 trekking on. Looking at you in your Fridays with Oscar shows the smiles given were not for your husband who is the rightful person who belongs behind the camera. God bless you both.

  10. mary says:

    New fan here. I love your hair. Drinks are good too. Thanks, Mary in Maryland

  11. rachel says:

    I love the Friday visits with Oscar (and Ollie) and the opportunity to peek into your lovely home! Your Friday outfit is great! I can’t help but notice your hair appears shorter than it has been lately. I’m admiring that new cut! Please share details and view from all angles. Thanks Beth!

  12. Patricia LeMunyon says:

    You and your furry friends look beautiful. thanks for still coming into our homes via style at a certain age at this most difficult time. My prayers and thoughts continue for you and Mr style and your family.

  13. Suzanne Smith says:

    Cute top and pants. I really like the clean lines of Everlane. That’s a perfect casual OOTD. And I’ve been looking for sleeveless Tshirts this summer that go with everything. Someone got a haircut–it looks great, Beth. Happy weekend–hope you all get a chance to relax. We watched the women’s match and I was so happy for her, but my heart also went out to Serena, as I know she wants that 24th win, too, and she worked hard as well…

    Thinking of you and Mr Style…

  14. Rose says:

    My heart! That Sam Endelman blue coat !Dare I buy it all the way from New Zealand?!!
    PS I loved the little video with your daughter-in-law!

  15. Rebecca says:

    I am delighted with the Pimm’s cup recipe. I had heard about this drink but never knew what was in it. Of course Oscar wants his treats – it’s a small price to pay for having this amazing dog participate in Style at a Certain Age😃

  16. R. Dawson says:

    We missed you two Friday! Let me add my comments on you stunning new cut! You also know how to celebrate. Would be delighted to nosh on your snacks! Looks like Ollie is taking in who’s getting treats! 😉

  17. Pat Dickerson says:

    Beth, I’m happy that your DIL is able to spend time with you, and Mr. Style. It seems from previous blogs that you are quite a distance from your boys. I don’t know how long you have lived in Athens, but you mentioned how you chose Athens for your retirement place. I grew up in Elberton, so Athens is dear to my heart, although I have been in Atlanta for a longer time. Hugs and prayers.

  18. Barbara Foreso says:

    What breed of cat is Ollie

  19. Jeannine says:

    Ollie looks duly unimpressed with handsome Oscar! LOVE your Friday’s with Oscar posts. 💐 I’m not terribly interested in sports, though I do love me a Packer party on a crisp fall day, but tennis is something I think I could be inspired by…must endeavor to learn more. (Plus…the lovely outfits in the stands!)
    Beth, you and your husband continue to be in my prayers and most supportive thoughts. I admire your strength and drive to continue to add value and beauty for your online community. We need more grace and beauty in this world! ❤️

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