fridays with oscar

  1. Maria João says:

    Such a lovely yard!! Oscar is a very luck fellow having such a nice place to be in!

  2. Susan Vilardo says:

    What a wonderful yard! Congratulations to the squirrels, birds, and other animals that enjoy it there! We have a dog, Lulu, a “terrorior” mix and she loves
    to lay on the glass tabletop..we don’t feel that’s quite right, but she’s a “blonde”, so…Have a wonderful weekend with your husband and Oscar and Ollie!

  3. DriftwoodLover says:

    I was lusting after that green rocker before I saw you mentioned it! Very nice addition. You look like you’re keeping your cool.

  4. mississippian says:

    Jealous of your warm weather. It was 48 this afternoon in the Cleveland area. This Houston, TX, Jackson, MS transplant really wants Spring to arrive for good up North!

  5. Sue Smith says:

    It all looks great. We have several hydrangeas–2 different colors and a lace cap variety. I was told once, by a nice gentleman, when I mentioned that I was frustrated that it wasn’t blooming at first–with perennials, it’s often a case of: “first year, they sleep; second year, they creep; third year, they leap.” And so it goes–sure enough, we have tons of beautiful hydrangeas now. They also like coffee grinds and used tea bags for fertilizer, and it helps them bloom if you scatter those around the plants.

    One of ours is pink/purple colors, (back yard) and one is blue (front yard). The lace cap is white with tiny lavender dots in the center that are beautiful. I guess our soils are acidic and more alkaline in the front and back yards!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

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