faster way to fat loss one year later

faster way to fat loss one year later

january 2018

when the new year arrives we can’t help but reflect on the previous twelve months. january is as good a time as any to evaluate where we’ve been and where we want to go. whether we make resolutions, set goals or even ‘reset’  it’s never too late to make a few tweaks with our lifestyle. why not make the coming year healthier and happier?! 

last year i set a goal to be healthy and fit by the time i hit my 60th birthday. a few pounds crept in when menopause hit. then a few more after we moved to georgia (those hills of san francisco keep you in shape!). it was time to make a choice – jump up another size and be content with the new, expanding me or get in gear and get back into shape. but i knew i needed help with nutritional choices and consistent exercise routines. studies indicate that sharing your progress with others help keep you going. enter Faster Way to Fat Loss a six-week online program that turned into twelve that turned into a year (i’m currently in the VIP group) and changed my lifestyle for the better. this program works, ladies with a vibrant Facebook community to chat with others who are figuring out how to change their lifestyle too. it also has access to coaches that answer any and all questions as you embark on your fitness journey. what makes Faster Way to Fat Loss different from the rest?

first, they favor progress over perfection. second, they teach you how to balance your macros with the aid of My Fitness Pal a snazzy app that keeps track of fats, protein, and carbohydrates. yes, we need all three to maintain a balanced diet but we also need to teach our bodies to burn fat instead of carbs. third, they offer simple, cutting edge fitness and nutrition strategies.

if you are looking for a solution that helps you take control of your health and well being then this program is for you. and guess what? it’s never too late to start. i can’t tell you how many women over the age of 40, 50, 6o or 70 that think they’ll never get back into shape. but that’s just a bunch of hogwash. ladies, there’s no age limit when it comes to fitness. so whether you’re twenty-five, forty-five, or sixty-five you have the opportunity to ‘just do it.” not only have i lost weight but i feel great. my sleeping habits have improved, i have more energy, and i think my skin has never looked better. it’s all those sweaty workouts and water consumption.

faster way to fat loss one year later

january 2019

last year i lost a total of ten pounds. it didn’t happen overnight, it took time, effort, and consistency. but this was a lifestyle change for me, not a diet and i saw changes over time both mentally and physically. i can’t emphasize enough how important exercise is at any age but especially as we age. the most important thing we can do is to take care of our bodies. the amount of muscle mass we lose each year is astonishing. if we don’t use them, we will lose them.

faster way to fat loss one year later

this year my goal is to lose ten more pounds. arthritis is rearing its ugly head and i want a little less poundage to make it easier on my joints. so i’m off and running in 2019. wish me luck!

i’ve also rounded up some cute workout gear! yes, i love to be stylish even when exercising.

activewear sweaters and sweatshirts

activewear bottoms

activewear tops

activewear shoes

three reasons i love this program:

ONE – every detail is planned out for you. the online workouts have exact directions and links to watch the moves. but if you love working out at The Barre, or have another workout routine, or you’re used to Spin Class no problem. there are options, ladies, options. my workout routine consists of three sessions per week on my Peloton, one Pilates Reformer session, and one aerobic weight training class with Amanda (the mastermind behind FWTFL). the great thing about Faster Way to Fat Loss is you can make it work with your lifestyle!

TWO – this is a lifestyle, not a diet. we use My Fitness Pal app to track calories and macros, but the mentality is progress, not perfection. the goal is to eat dairy free, grain free and gluten free as much as possible but again, there’s flexibility. do i have a cocktail or glass of wine on occasion? absolutely! did i enjoy some yummy christmas cookies during the holidays? yes i did! as i mentioned, Faster Way toFat Loss is a lifestyle change, not a diet. it gives me the tools and resources to stay or get back on track. this program teaches how to cut fat and gain lean muscle while living life to its fullest.

THREE – it is a proven system that helps women and men (yes, there is a program for men) lose fat. and there’s no age limit! actually, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of exercise as we age. my goal is to live the best life possible regardless of age. and exercise is key.

registration is open for the next round that starts January 14th!  sign up here.


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