Merry Christmas from Marlene

  1. Carroll says:

    Merry Christmas, Marlene! Beautiful ideas, as usual . . .

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Carroll,
      Merry, Merry Christmas to you and those you love!
      Thank you for your sweet comment…enjoy a beautiful season!! xoxo Marlene

  2. Andrea says:

    Beautiful post, as always, Marlene. Regardless of studs or financials, beauty can, and should, be enjoyed during the Holidays. Beauty can be simple or extravagant, but above all it should warm our hearts and calm our minds.

    All the best for a safe and happy New Year 🥂

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Andrea,
      Yes, so very well said…
      Beauty should warm our hearts always…
      Enjoy a very Merry, Beautiful Christmas and Holiday!! Kind thanks for your good wishes and sharing such lovely thoughts. xoxo MMK

  3. Sherry Swanner says:

    I have noticed that Beth is not as present as usual, and when she is, she seems to be reposting a lot of older material. Is there something wrong? I miss her usual posts.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hello Sherry,
      Beth and I are dear friends and former colleagues.
      I write a Guest Post on Saturdays…by invitation for her special “Style at a Certain Age.”
      I hope you enjoy, Sherry, and wish you a lovely Holiday and New Year 2022! xoxo MMK

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