How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. I love tea or teatime. I drink my tea with honey in it. I use a tea bag if only having one cup but love to steep a pot a have a scone or eclair with it. My mother was English and Irish but has been gone for 10 years now. I miss her still and especially tomorrow on Mother’s Day.
    Have an ice Mother’s Day.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hello Sherry ~ Love and teatime….yes, we certainly enjoy!! Our Mothers – gone but not forgotten…every sip reminds us! Thank you for sharing how you love yours…charming! TY MMK

  2. Carolina Girl says:

    Great post, Marlene!
    Mom’s favorite was the simplest: Lipton black tea. I wrote an article about an artist who converts used tea bags and her favorite is simple too: PG Tips.
    My daughter likes exotic teas … and has introduced me to some interesting flavors. Tea does keep families ‘steeped’ in love and tradition.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Carolina Girl!! Thank you for enjoying the post and some fun news of your artist friend and your daughters tea loves! I just had a cup of Ginger Quik Tea, an Indian Chai Tea Latte I discovered from an neighborhood Indian special food shop!
      Love and tradition for sure. Special thanks, DG!!
      xoxo MMK

  3. Mary Grogan says:

    Love tea and enjoy reading about it in your newsletter. So many ideas and varieties.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Mary ~ Happy to learn you love and enjoy too!
      Variety is the spice of life…tea is a shared joy for sure! Thank you! xoxo MMK

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