Gifting with Joy

  1. Priscilla C Herrera says:

    Where can the Santa Clause be purchased? It is so cute. Would love to add to my collection!

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi Priscilla, It is available at Gump’s San Francisco…very charming! Santa with Bag of Toys 6in
      Originally created in 1924 by Grete Wendt, this figurine was inspired by the image of the hard-working Santa who wants only to deliver his presents on time. Founded in 1915, Wendt & Kühn is one of Erzgebirge’s most beloved workshops. Heirloom-quality and prized collectibles, each painted wood figurine is handcrafted in the Saxony region of Germany by skilled artisans using techniques passed down from generation to generation.
      Handcrafted wood.
      Handmade in Germany.

  2. Hetty says:

    Holiday cards use to be a delight to receive. I’ve found over the years more and more come preprinted including the signature and mailing label. There are even companies that offer that serve. Send them your card list and viola, they preprint, address, and mail the card. They have no personalization. If I’m lucky I receive a photo card, but again with no personalization. I’m aware everyone is very busy juggling home, kids, work, parents . . . but if we can’t take time once a year to wish friends and family all the best, what is the point of sending a card?
    The way, do you remember Brett cards? I have a few saved, as some of the cards were embroidered and so beautiful, I framed them. Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all.

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi Hetty,
      Yes, I agree that a personalized touch is the point!!
      I bought Stationery at Gump’s in San Francisco …and yes, of course, remember the beautiful Brett cards. I included many of the quality companies in my post…including D’Arconte – beautiful engraving, Paula Skene – lovely embossing and Caspari – gorgeous printing in Switzerland! Kind thanks for your note…have a beautiful holiday and enjoy sending your cards!! xoxo MMK

  3. maeve says:

    Lovely …And don’t forget to save as much as possible of that beautiful wrapping paper to reuse next year! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than protecting the planet. But I’d also posit that putting a gift into a shoebox and wrapping it in a paperbag that your kids have decorated would also bring the joy and love you mention.
    Merry Christmas!

    • marlene kristoff says:

      Hi Maeve,
      Yes, thank you….repurposing is always wonderful!
      As long as it has meaning, all manner of wrap is terrific!! My nephews used to send craft paper wrapping with colored stamped images….too cute! Happy memory!
      Enjoy the season – Happy Holidays to you! xoxo MMK

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