This Elizabeth Taylor Quote Will Inspire Passion

  1. Pat says:

    Her career started earlier than N. v. She played Helen in an uncredited part in Jane Eyre. There are generally clips on YouTube.

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Pat –
      Yes, of course, no child actress begins in a much celebrated film…thank you for sharing her uncredited part in Jane Eyre. National Velvet was really her 1st recognized success. Thanks again. xoxo MMK

  2. Nancy B. says:

    Thanks Marlene for featuring Elizabeth Taylor in your post. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and always admired her beauty and acting.


      Elizabeth had the classic petite hourglass figure. When someone says “hourglass” I always think of her.

      • Marlene Kristoff says:

        Hi Kathleen,
        The lilac Edith Head gown certainly accentuated her hourglass…more than later caftans that she loved! Sooo beautiful!
        Thanks for sharing! xoxo MMK

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Nancy…
      Thrilled that you enjoyed my little “ode” – yes, her beauty and acting…surely a memorable combination to admire. Thanks for being in touch!
      xoxo MMK

  3. NC Author says:

    Love this post on one of my favorites!
    Thanks, Marlene!

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi NC – So pleased you enjoyed my tribute post to “one of your favorites!” Thank you!! xoxo MMK

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