A Complete Guide to Birthstones

  1. Very good information about birth stones.
    My is sapphire
    But my favorite is pearls and Diamonds
    Thank you sharing

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Gloria –
      Fun to know we share the Sapphire…September Babes we are!! One of my favorites is the Emerald…but I do loooove my Pearls and Diamonds too! Happy New Year! xoxo MMK

  2. NC Writer says:

    Great post! Fun to read new information about the various gemstones.

    Happy Garnet Month ~ (I’m Amethyst) ~

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi NC –
      Happy Garnet Month and New Year to you too!! Glad you had fun with the post!! Enjoy your upcoming Amethyst B-day… Mine is September…all of them soo beautiful! xoxo MMK

  3. judy says:

    I have always been interested in the meanings and mysteries behind certain gems and birthstones. There are some great stories of luck and tragedy associated with famous gems…IE the HOPE diamond! My birthstone is the Ruby and from little on up my mother told me they held good luck for me, but for that to be true, I must buy them for myself. When my future husband and I were buying our wedding rings, I found one with Rubies. To his surprise, I told him I was paying for my own ring. It has brought me 47 years of GOOD LUCK with him!

    • Marlene Kristoff says:

      Hi Judy!
      What a wonderful story of your GOOD LUCK!! Sounds like your husband was lucky too!! Your mother was definitely a wise woman…how lucky you are to have her!!
      Thank you for your charming story…and wear with more good luck to come!! Happy 2022! xoxo MMK

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