casual camo

one of the best things about san francisco are the hidden gems that lie behind the hustle and bustle of city streets. USF is one of them. oh sure, it’s a college campus, and not completely off the radar screen, but if you aren’t paying close attention to your daily stroll it might be easy to walk by without a second glance. lucky for me, i pass by the campus on my daily walk with oscar, and made a mental note to venture in. and let me tell you tucked behind non-descript walls lies a true oasis. lush green grass, modern architecture, bronze sculptures, and of the course the energetic vibe of the students heading to and from class. oh, san francisco, there is just so much to explore.

labels: denim @AnnTaylor; sweater @Madewell; jacket @Gap; belt @RalphLauren; scarf @JCrew; booties @BananaRepublic; tote @Zara; sunglasses @RayBan