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it’s funny, but since the blog started having my photo snapped every day has been an eye-opener for me. i don’t know many of us who actually like photos of themselves. after perusing a photo of myself as a young girl and teenager the typical response was ‘really?’ why didn’t i stand up straighter or what kind of smile was that? what’s wrong with my hair. and that outfit? was i the one who picked it out? and wore it in public? what was i thinking? my mom used to have the same reaction, and i can remember my nana joking that maybe we weren’t as good looking as we thought. ha! which is true to a greater or lesser degree after dissecting a photo of yourself. you see your flaws and all. but when the blog came along, i more or less resigned myself to the fact about sharing photos with you. after all, if you’re going to talk about a daily outfit, you have to bring the goods. warts and all. right?! and i do have an amazing photographer living under the same roof that helps me look my best day after day. 

but there’s another aspect of the blog that i’ve come to appreciate. all those photos taken through the years are cataloged for easy reference. they’re divided by season, casual or date night, nine-to-five, travel and so on. and i refer to them whenever i want a quick and easy outfit. it’s a brilliant system that i would recommend each of you starting. what with smartphones and selfies it’s never been easier to snap a photo and file it away. another reason you might like to start a photo catalog of your outfits is that strangely enough what you see in the mirror and what the camera picks up are two entirely different things. and i’ve come to trust the camera. sometimes, when i’m not certain about an outfit, i’ll have mr. style snap a photo and take a quick peek. it’s amazing what one simple photo reveals. for whatever reason, the mirror isn’t as truthful.

so when i thought about the outfits that might make it into the suitcase for our trip to NYC, i remembered one of my favorite outfits i wore during new york fashion week 2016. a simple denim dress trimmed in leather by my all-time favorite designer Ralph Lauren, faux suede jacket, and suede booties. it’s a perfect fall outfit. and it’s a contender for New York.

i’ve rounded up similar denim dresses.

similar booties

similar jackets

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