back to basics recap

back by popular demand is the series recap ‘back to basics’ where we discussed the core pieces needed to build a classic wardrobe. when you take the time to invest in the basics, you are laying a foundation for a functional wardrobe that will prepare you for anything. and who doesn’t want that? off to work on monday morning? headed to a charity luncheon? how about date night? or a quick weekend getaway? if you have the basics on hand, there will be no more struggles to put together a fabulous outfit for any occasion.

every successful wardrobe lays a foundation. the first step starts with a closet cleanse. if you missed that blog post where i share a few easy steps to purge your closet, you can read it here. why is cleaning your closet important? it might be cluttered with items that no longer fit, are damaged, or just plain worn out. after that task is completed, it’s easier to assess your wardrobe. 

back to basics

it’s on to tops that you can pair with a bold print statement skirt. or maybe you decided to leave your comfort zone and purchased a striped pant? yep, getting dressed in the morning just got a whole lot easier thanks to the basics because the last thing we want to do in the morning is stress over getting dressed.

back to basics | tops

timeless journey

think of the basics as the items you can pair with anything else in your closet to end up with a snazzy outfit. basics are the items that marry two garments together. closet basics are typically year-round pieces that easily transition from one season to the next. and outfit to outfit. black pants are a perfect example of a basic wardrobe essential.

back to basics | bottoms

trench coat, j.crew toothpick jeans, everlane silk tunic, target merona slides

closet basics are typically year-round pieces that easily transition from one season to the next. and outfit to outfit. basics are neutrals: black, white, nude/camel, grey, and navy. the goal of building your wardrobe with core pieces is to have a closet filled with those essential items that will carry you from season to season and year to year with a few updates. when your wardrobe foundation is built correctly, you will only replace a few items each year which is easy on your pocketbook. trench coats help ease you from winter to spring and fall to winter.

back to basics | outerwear

monday, monday

in my humble opinion accessories is the key to stretch your wardrobe across all four seasons. better yet, they’re the icing on the cake yet have nothing to do with our figure. most accessories last a lifetime (or until you decide to break up) so it’s safe to say they are investment pieces and worth every penny. these wardrobe essentials not only finish an outfit, but they also set the tone for your look. scarves are one of the easiest ways to bring your favorite colors into play and add your personality to any outfit.

back to basics | accessories

thanks for joining me with this series. based on your email’s and questions ‘back to basics’ is a topic we could discuss forever. hopefully, this series recap will become a resource you can revisit as many times as needed.



  1. Imastounded wrote:

    The closet purge fills me with dread. Maybe I should start with new hangers to replace those velvety ones that snap in two with great regularity? They sounded like a good idea at the time…

    Posted 9.21.18
    • closet purges are indeed overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it you won’t ever stop. xo

      Posted 9.23.18
  2. that green trench sounds mah-va-lous! when we purchase items we love it seems to pay dividends as we want to wear it every chance we get. xo

    Posted 9.25.18

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