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if you’ve reached the age of 57, you know there were many frogs kissed along the way. but what a great metaphor for our style journey. who hasn’t made a few fashion mistakes in their day? but hey, you gotta kiss those frogs from time-to-time. they just might transform into a prince. take this white topper that my husband claims is a dead-ringer for a lab coat. but what i love is the 3/4 length, and the cute inset in the back. this time of year, with temps all over the map it’s the perfect topper for a pair of blue jeans. throw on a striped tee, a few baubles, and bam! this ootd has transformed into instant chic.

i wanted to quickly share with you a campaign i had the privilege to participate with. it’s chico’s ‘hello, i’m fabulous’ campaign that celebrates women of ‘a certain age.’ i couldn’t be happier to see brands supporting all women, of all ages, and all sizes. we’re all so unique. and i have to say, it’s a great day to be 57! check out the interview on chico’s – inside chic:

chico’s inside chic

there’s also a youtube feature:

i will try to slip in a behind the scenes post sometime in the near future so stay tuned! it was so much fun being on location in l.a.. and i met so many amazing women (and men)! i’m always a little amazed and in awe of what doors this blog has opened. thank you, for coming along the journey with me!

labels: denim Gap; tee Merona @Target (similar here and here); topper Tahari (similar here and here); sandals Talbots (similar here and here); handbag c/o Talbots (similar here and here)