the sunday brief | 10 essential items for Fall

faux fun


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even if the weather might be hot and hotter in your neck of the woods no doubt you’ve noticed the days are shortening. which means only one thing: the seasons are about to change. yikes! but i dare you to say fall isn’t your favorite fashion moment. it’s the time of year when layers are a necessity, suede and leather make an appearance, and my favorite: sweaters! so what’s on my classic must-have list for fall? there are ten items that help my style game stay strong. let’s take a look:

turtleneck – perfect for a chilly fall day. they look great tucked underneath a blazer or vest. they can even fly solo. merino wool or cashmere is my top choice.

classics, blazers, turtlenecks

marks and spencer home for the holidays

turtleneck here, here and here

faux leather legging – want an alternative to denim? try a faux leather legging. chic and comfortable they add a little edge to your wardrobe.

date night

faux leather leggings here, here and here

faux fun

cable knit sweater – perfectly preppy and a great alternative to a turtleneck. sometmes, i size up for an easy breezy look over leggings or denim.

gray skies

cable knit sweater here, here and here


scarf – by far a fabulous accessory that keeps us warm to boot. pick a pattern any pattern. there are so many to choose from.


blue jeans and blanket scarves

scarf here, here and here

throwback thursday

puffer vest – cousin to the mighty puffer jacket a vest offers comfort and warmth on those in-between days when it’s chilly but not cold.

flawless five-pocket

fridays with oscar

puffer vest here, here and here

fridays with oscar

poncho – another way to layer up when the temps dip down. perfect for travel as they can scrunch and bunch and take a beating. you can even toss one over a skirt for a casual chic nine-to-five look.

put a poncho on

travel tunes

poncho here, here and here

work it

khaki pants – if you want to switch your look from denim look no further than a khaki cargo pant. it’s neutral and goes with everything. who doesn’t like that?!

spring, sprang, sprung

jet set

khaki pants here, here and here

fridays with oscar

utility jacket – once again we have the military to thank for a classic wardrobe staple. it’s the perfect layering piece for a casual weekend vibe. 

utility jacket here, here and here

fridays with oscar

tote – a black or brown tote is an absolute must-have in my book. love to tote them along on shopping excursions as so many packages can fit inside.

prep in the country

once more

tote here, here and here

faux fun 

chelsea boot – last but not least is a cute ankle boot that soared to popularity during the swinging sixties. who remembers the beatles? as if we could ever forget them. black, brown or leopard take your pick.

chelsea boot here, here and here

are you ready for fall, ladies? i’m grasping on to every last minute of summer. but, hey, autumn is an easy season to like. there are football games -go dawgs! – apple cider and pie, crisp temps, and sweaters. ok, it might not be a bad thing after all.