spring fling

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spring is that time of year when we do a little dance with the temps. ok, so any time of year, we tend to fall victim to mother nature. let’s face it, she’s the boss! thankfully, georgia is far enough to the south that we avoided the snowflakes that descended upon many of you this past weekend. but man-oh-man snow in april is never a welcome sight. even if it does melt quickly, it is the last thing you want to see after months of trudging through the frozen tundra! i’ve never really thought of myself as a ‘fashionista’ but after living in houston, tx where i could wear any type of shoe on any given day then finding myself in minneapolis, mn with limited footwear choices due to… well, i guess i’ll add fashionista to my resume. ok, ok onto my ootd. don’t you love the fact flare pants have made a comeback? such a beautiful silhouette perfect for any type of frame. and what’s better than a pair of linen wide-legs for that relaxed but polished look? neutrals are a perfect choice this time of year. and while my blouse blends seamlessly into the landscape, a pop of color would be a welcome addition if you were so inclined. notice the texture of the cardigan. plus, the zippered hardware – these are the details that give an extra zing to a subdued look. chandelier earrings (which i am loving lately), layered necklaces, and i’m out the door for a day of sightseeing.

labels: pants CAbi (similar here and here); shirt CAbi (similar here and here); sweater CAbi (similar here and here and here); shoes c/o J.Jill; handbag c/o J.Jill; necklace, earrings, and bracelets c/o Chloe and Isabel