shopping party

holidays, shopping, christmas

join me as we go behind the scenes on a shopping party hosted by Talbots Walnut Creek. the iconic red doors are beckoning us to come in. shall we?

holidays, shopping, christmas, gifts

upon entering this spacious store your eye is drawn upward to a magnificent skylight. an abundance of windows allow natural light to flood the store. lighting is so important to showcase color in its truest form. have you ever been puzzled when standing under fluorescent lights as to if a skirt is navy or black? i know i’ve been stumped once or twice through the years.

holidays, shopping, christmas, gifts, talbots

holidays, shopping, christmas, gifts, talbots

here’s a broad view of the store. my photographer recently added a new lens to his repertoire. (i think he might become addicted!) but you can see how spacious, accommodating, and warm this store truly is. the visual team has done an excellent job keeping the mood light and airy, but each collection is anchored with its own story.

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

tesha, the Talbots store manager, gave me carte blanche to style several outfits. can you say ‘child in a candy store?’ i know, i know, i use a lot of cliches in my writing. but cliches exist for a reason, and typically express succinctly what’s going through my head. i’m a very visual person (if you haven’t guessed) so round and round the store i went, looking to see what particular items spoke to me. it didn’t take long before i had a few favorites. you can see how my ootd’s are coming to life on the rack as i start pulling product one-by-one. this is my favorite part of the process.

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

it’s a quick change for me then I’m ready to join team Talbots to greet the customers. from left to right: terese, tesha, beth, julie, and gael. don’t these ladies look beautiful? and so put together! it’s alway a good day when i have the opportunity to meet smart, fun, fashion-forward women. we come in all sizes, ages, and backgrounds, but i have to say we rock! i think that’s why i’m a big fan of Talbots who is dedicated to outfitting every woman.

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

are you ready for some style inspiration? here’s my take on the new collection.

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, talbots

 first up is the iconic buffalo check. it’s on trend this season and i was immediately drawn to this flannel skirt. i paired it with a fair isle sweater, and decided a little pattern mix was in order with the gingham shirt. this ootd would look fabulous with a pair of black boots or tights and black flats. either way top it off with a fun black and white beanie.

labels: skirt Talbots; shirt Talbots; sweater Talbots; beanie Talbots

holidays, christmas, shopping, talbots, gifts, what i wore for the holidays

holidays, shopping, gifts, christmas, whatiworefortheholidays, talobts

next in the line-up is one of my favorites. a buttery soft leather vest with a faux fur collar. it’s a little slice of heaven with its quilted exterior and brass hardware zippers. i couldn’t resist pairing it with a denim shirt for a casual chic look, but add a classic pair of camel trousers and this ootd will take you anywhere you want to go. if it’s cold outside throw on a flannel scarf to stay warm and stylish. if the temps permit, let this vest shine on its own. boots or heels would complete this look.

labels: vest Talbots; denim shirt Talbots; pants Talbots; scarf Talbots

holidays, shopping, christmas, gifts, whatiworefortheholidays, talbots

you didn’t think i would forget to add a blazer into the mix? or did you? i immediately gravitated towards this shetland wool blazer in provence blue. the first ootd is an everyday look i paired with a striped fair isle cardigan. dark rinse denim and white shirt complete this look that’s tailgate ready. well, you might want to bring a picnic basket full of goodies to share. but you’ll be picture perfect if your friends whip out their phone for a group shot to feature game-day festivities. ballet flats would be the perfect footwear.

labels: denim Talbots; sweater Talbots; shirt Talbots; blazer Talbots

holidays, shopping, gifts, talbots, whatiworefortheholidays

next photo is a variation of the Shetland blazer paired with winter white riding pants. this ootd would be perfect for thanksgiving, (the pants have just enough stretch to accommodate pecan pie) whether dining at home with family and friends or if you’re headed out and about town. a sleeveless mock turtleneck is tucked underneath. but don’t you just love this multi-colored polka dot scarf? it’s the icing on the cake that gives just the right amount of pop to this outfit. check the stores for availability – i’ve included an alternative in the links. i think boots or booties are the perfect choice.

labels: pants Talbots; turtleneck Talbots; blazer Talbots; scarf Talbots

holidays, christmas, gifts, shopping, talbots, whatiworefortheholidays

i hope you can see the beauty in this ocelot print pencil skirt. the muted mauve color scheme is loaded with style. a lush boucle knit cowlneck sweater can stand alone with this skirt or layer it underneath a reversible double-faced jacket to add a smidge of polish. isn’t this rich color scheme perfect for the holidays? my first pick would be pointy-toed heels, but i can see this outfit paired with dressy boots.

labels: skirt Talbots; sweater Talbots; jacket Talbots

holidays, shopping, christmas,

now for the fun part! meeting the customers who stopped by to shop or to say hello. this lovely family drove in from pleasanton. lori is a styleofacertainage reader that i had the pleasure of chatting with. this is the best part of blogging: all of the wonderful people you meet along the way!

shopping party

one more photo with the lovely tesha rosenwinkle before i pack up my bag and head back to san francisco. what a lovely evening. and don’t forget ladies, Talbots Friends & Family shopping extravaganza starts today. that’s 30% off your purchase through november 8th. happy shopping!