shop sunday style | style challenge

shop sunday style

today’s shop sunday style is a bit different than previous posts. but i’m certain you will love it! plus, this is your chance to send in your style dilemmas. and see if you can stump style at a certain age. yikes!

over on 1010 Park Place, i have a bi-monthly gig. if you haven’t checked out this blog started by Brenda Coffee that’s dedicated to women over 45 then get over there ASAP. because there are SO MANY amazing and talented voices beside yours truly that are regular contributors.

starting today, and henceforth every other sunday i tackle the topic ‘style challenge.’ first up is pattern mixing. this photo is just a teaser of what’s waiting for you on 1010 Park Place. ‘cuz if you want all the details you need to read the full blog post here.

1010 is where i share tips, and tricks, and anything else up my sleeve in regards to style. and here’s the good news. if you have a style dilemma of your own this is your opportunity to ask for help. all you have to do is drop off your style challenge in the comment section. then, your style predicament will  be added to the cue for me to answer in future posts. today, it’s all about stripes.

so what are you waiting for? head on over to 1010 Park Place.

happy sunday!