shop sunday style | nordstrom anniversary sale 2016

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front porchwell, it’s begun. the legendary nordstrom anniversary sale. remember, early access runs today through july 21st. if you want first dibs on key items, then you must be a nordstrom credit or debit card holder. not a card member? you can apply now. or you can wait until july 22nd when the sale opens to the public. there’s lots of information being slung into cyberspace about this sale, but this is the only retail giant that offers fall clothes for men, women, and children at sale prices. plus, there’s a variety of beauty products, handbags & accessories which i’ve touched on in a previous post. but there’s more. lot’s more. so i decided to devote my sunday shop style post to nordstrom’s anniversary sale for the home. those of you who joined me on my trip to nyc via snapchat or have watched any of my message from mom videos know i have three young men who are ramping up their apartments. if you didn’t catch the snapchat video the first time around i’ve included it again. in it you’ll find snippets of how andrew and i planted his first garden. fun! and as many of you know since relocating to georgia our home is undergoing a soft renovation. our front porch is finished. now it’s onto the bathroom and screened porch. i particularly like this metal bar cart for the porch as it will stand up to georgia’s summertime heat and humidity. plus, it’s just darn cute! without further adieu, check out what tickled my fancy – from towels to pillows, and my all-time favorite glasses by picardie. to cozy throws, art to hang on the walls of my future closet/office. even a few hostess gifts for holiday thank you’s. these are just a few of my favorite things.

happy sunday!

p.s. i will give a plug for u.s.a. born and bred nambe whose headquarters are located in santa fe, nm. nambe offers beautiful products that offer form and function and make perfect wedding gifts!