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today we are veering off the beaten path of a daily ootd to discuss what brings your clothes to life. it’s not necessarily a glamorous topic, but if we’re not wearing the right undergarments even the most spectacular outfit can go awry. it’s somewhat akin to building a house – the foundation is laid first and is the most important step. which is one reason today is all about diving in and tackling a brief overview of lingerie. first off, i suggest a twice yearly fitting for a bra. all reputable department stores from neiman marcus to j.c. penney have trained bra-fit specialists that will equip you with your proper measurements – and it’s a service they offer at no charge to their customers. why twice a year you ask? because bras are one of the hardest working items in your closet. as such they have a shorter lifespan. and, in the span of only six months, your body may have changed. once you know your correct bra size then it’s a matter of deciding what brand you like. in my opinion, bras are like jeans – we’re always on the hunt for the perfect one. so don’t be afraid to carve out an afternoon in your schedule and try on every brand known to mankind. once you find the perfect match the hard part is over. remember, the band should be snug when hooked on the first row. then over time as the band stretches you can fasten it on the next hook for a tighter fit. and what are my two favorite brands? simone perele and wacoal.

there are three types of bras i always keep in rotation. and two colors. first, i always have a nude colored bra at my beck and call as it will go underneath even the sheerest blouse with ease. next, i add on a black bra. once these two basic colors are folded neatly in your lingerie drawer, then it’s all up to your individual aesthetics as to what additional colors find their way into your line-up. now onto the three types of bras, i also keep on hand. first up, is the push-up or plunge bra that is perfect underneath special occasion or evening wear. this is the bra that gives a nice lift and adds a bit of cleavage. next on my list is a minimizer. many of you may not need this type, but this is the bra i personally reach for when i wear my button-up shirts. it keeps me in place and my buttons fastened! last but not least, is the t-shirt bra that gives smooth coverage with its molded cups and fits beautifully underneath my most loved tees.

once you’ve tackled the basics, shapewear is a nice addition to your lingerie drawer and comes in handy. a slim-fit one-piece bodysuit is a dream to wear underneath close-fitting dresses. or try a slim-fit slip, a nude camisole is a must- have in my opinion. but after that, it’s pretty much up to your individual body type as to what you area you would like smoothed and controlled.

all right ladies, are you ready to go find your perfect bra? you won’t be sorry. once you have the right foundations in place you’ll be looking and feeling your best every day! so sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and shop sunday style | foundations.