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fridays with oscar

i know, i know, who’s ready to give up summer? “not i,” said the little red hen. me either. but fall is on its way whether we’re ready for it or not. recently, several lovely readers have written asking what’s on-trend this season. so why don’t we dip our toes into the fall fashion water and see for ourselves? and, my mother was right yet again. when it comes to fashion, trends are on repeat every so often. as far as i’m concerned, some trends turn into classics. let’s take a look

statement faux fur. this is a trend that’s been around for several seasons, switching back and forth between jackets and vests. this year look for bold colors and prints.

downtown girl

metallics. gold will be big this fall as opposed to silver. look for maxi dresses and evening tops. to play it safe, i always keep a pair of metallic shoes on hand. in my book they work as a neutral and give any outfit a bit of pizazz.



winter pastels

military. from t-shirts (a wardrobe staple of mine) to trench coats or a pair of beloved khaki’s this trend takes it cue from military uniforms. and it’s casual chic at it’s finest. details like brass buttons and epaulets will see a resurgence.

essential stripe

mix 'n match

urban jungle

fridays with oscar

velvet. who can resist this luxurious fabric? well, it’s back on-trend this season. when did it go out?

holiday prep

jive talkin'

pearls. ahem… that’s right. pearls are back in style. necklaces, earrings, even shoes will see an abundance of embellishment with the world’s oldest gems.

fridays with oscar

leopard. jenna lyons coined the phrase “leopard is a neutral.” who am i to disagree?

fridays with oscar

of course, this is only a sampling of what’s in store for us as autumn steadily creeps its way into our lives. stay tuned as we revisit this topic in the weeks ahead. for now, grab your beverage of choice and scroll through what made this week’s list. happy sunday!