shop sunday style | chico’s

the calendar states that spring has finally arrived. even if that march snowstorm rolled into your town as of late, take heart. it will soon be but a memory. my mother always claimed basketball tournaments and snowstorms went hand-in-hand. but they depart as quickly as they arrive. down here in athens, the temps have been all over the page ranging from mid-eighties this past week to the low-sixties. so what’s a girl to wear when the seasons transition? today, i’ve perused the spring collection of a brand that many of you love – chico’s. it’s full of bright color, bold accessories, and modern prints. plus, their redesigned website is interactive and uber-friendly. i’m loving the 3-d models that pop up and spin 360 degrees. it’s oh so helpful to visualize how an outfit looks from every angle. from cuffed ankle jeans, breezy lightweight dusters, and ponchos that pack a punch this is a collection that will take me from a day at the museum to a night on the town. inspiration abounds. and don’t worry, i’ve thrown in a few classics – striped tee, denim jacket, and fringed cardigan. but when the temps heat up i think a pair of easy-breezy palazzo pants will be just the ticket.

so sit back with a cup of coffee and say hello to my personal picks from chico’s spring collection.