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banana republic. what can i say about a brand that used to be iconic, but has lost its way in recent years? don’t get me wrong. on any day of the week, i can bop into banana republic and come back out with a bag full of treasures. but it’s also just as likely that i will zip in and zip out with nada, zilch, zero. ten or fifteen years ago that would not have been the case. back in the day, the brand knew exactly who they were and what their target market was looking for. clean, classic, versatile, separates. not so much anymore as they are being squeezed by the fast fashion model that demands a lower price point and delivery speed. these are much the same woes that face j.crew. that said, i am liking quite a few items from their spring collection that is infused with bright colors and some terrific accessories. i’ve always liked their shoes which are reasonably priced and there’s always a mix of trendy and classic. if you have never tried on a pair of sloan pants i suggest you do post haste. this pant is one of my all-time favorites due to the fit and fabric. they are heaven to wear and are practically indestructible! last but not least, banana makes a more than decent blazer especially for the price.

all right. are you ready to see what’s on my radar screen for spring/summer? then grab your coffee and start scrolling.

happy sunday!

p.s. in the above photo the silk blouse and brooch are both by banana republic