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i don’t remember if i shared with you that pink is my signature color. i have loved it since a young girl growing up in nebraska. i think it is largely due to the fact that my mother had pretty darn good taste, and she always managed to incorporate a splash of pink in my bedroom that was always decorated with a decided feminine undertone. the shade i have on today is the exact shade the flowers of my white steamer trunk that sat at the foot of my bed was painted. i loved that battered old trunk as it was a treasure trove filled with all sorts of things a young girl collects: barbies, and trolls, and pictures of schoolmates, ribbons, and awards…what fun it was to come home from school, unlock the latches and lift the lid, peering inside and rummaging around until i found the perfect dress for barbie to wear while she toodled around in her pink sports car. oh, to be seven again.

labels: faux leather trousers @Zara; blouse jcrew; belt ralphlauren; scarf gucci; shoes stevemadden; sunglasses ray-ban; handbag @Prada