new ‘do’

<outfit post> new ‘do’

as i get older i realize that some of the most important people in my life are the ones behind the scenes, especially the ones that help me look my very best. hairstylists, facialists, manicurists are all high on my list—it takes a village to stay at the top of your game, and that’s never been a truer statement as i turn 56 today… but back to my story. as the new year rang in i unexpectedly found myself on the hunt for a new hair stylist. apparently, salon mavens have personal lives of their own, and my former hair wizard decided to fall in love, get engaged, and up and move to nyc. needless to say it’s been hit or miss in the hair category for the past eight months. (by the way, congrats keri on the upcoming nuptials! mmwahh). since january i have survived two disastrous haircuts—my hair used to be a chin-length bob once upon a time—and one ‘pretty good’ haircut…but it appears that at long last my stylist search is now over. whew! i finally hit the jackpot today with Karmen at Mercer Street Salon. check out the ‘new do’ as i posted a before and after pix. i have to admit i feel at least ten years younger. thanks Karmen! and, not only is she a talented hairstylist, but a musician as well—check out her site at it’s so much fun to meet new people!

boyfriend jeans by Banana Republic; shirt by Ann Taylor; blazer by Banana Republic; shoes by JCrew; necklace by JCrew; handbag by Les Copains