keepin’ cozy

<outfit post> keepin’ cozy:

if you live in northern california you know that san francisco has been desperate for rain since december of last year. i am happy to report that the drought is officially over! our precipitation is up by 510% with all of that glorious rain falling in the past three weeks. good news for the reservoirs, bad news for a fashion blogger as photo shoot after photo shoot has been postponed. so… when we had a brief respite from the rain today we headed outside ASAP for photos. i pulled on my boots from Old Navy so i could slosh through the puddles that are scattered throughout the city without fear. nothing is better to chase the chill away than layering a few of my favorite sweaters. keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold for a few days. would love to see the sun again.

denim @Loft; sweater and boots @OldNavy; cardigan @BananaRepblic; sunglasses @RayBan