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when i was growing up i had a favorite brain teaser that went like this: what’s black, and white, and read all over? the answer might be obvious to many of you, but there was nothing better for a thirteen year old than to stump her audience – if only for a few seconds while their brain scrambled for the answer. and, i thought the solution to the riddle would be a fun segue into this weeks posts as i have had a love for reading since i can remember. (in case you’re still wondering, the answer to the the puzzle is ‘newspaper’.)

so without further ado, this week, in addition to my daily ootd, i wanted to share with you five female authors that made an impact on my life by putting pen to paper. each of these books are on my all-time favorite list.

first up is a beloved children’s book that i faithfully read to my children each evening after our nightly ritual of bathtime, pajamas, and prayers. in my eyes, there was nothing more important than instilling a desire for my children to fall in love with the written word. literacy is the gateway to learning, the foundation of all knowledge, and is especially needed in this day and age when we need to cope with the flood of information hurled at us by the nano-second and be able to form our own opinions. 

Goodnight Moon written by Margaret Wise Brown in 1947 is arguably one of the all-time best selling children’s picture books. The premise is simple and sweet: in the great green room a young bunny says goodnight to all of the familiar things in a softly lit room until he finally falls asleep. The lilting, rhythmic words combined with equally lulling pictures that alternate between black and white, and color, elevate this book into a classic. Even after fifty years this book is still going strong, and is still a favorite of mine as well as scores of young mothers and fathers around the world. 

Happy reading!