nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 | first round draft picks

faux fun

on your mark, get set, go! it’s time for a shopping spree at nordstrom’s annual anniversary blow-out. as promised i’m sharing my top picks with you today. let me tell you i wish i had an unlimited budget to spend at nordstrom because there are so many scrumptious items to choose from. but i promised to share my favorites with you. so here are my first round draft picks. it’s easy shop this post as the product are categorized by item e.g. shoes, boots, dresses, handbags. since the anniversary sale is a marathon (three weeks in length) i’ll be sharing more picks in the days to come. but for today, just scroll down the page find the category you’re interested in then click on the widget to view my favorites.

who’s ready to shop? i know i am. if you can believe it i woke up at 3:00am in order to share this post with you! ha! technology had other plans and this girl went back to bed. but i prevailed and sticking to the old saying ‘better late than never’ ‘cuz you’re worth it. and it looks as if my wish list is getting longer the more time i spend on the nordstrom site… i may have to convince mr. style to buy an early b-day or anniversary gift. both are just right around the corner. in the meantime, happy shopping!