I’m new to this blog so you might have answered this before, but will you tell your age? Also, what cosmetics do you wear? Do you line your lower lid? Do you live in a painted lady?

hi @holyhideoutdragon,

so happy that you stumbled upon my blog!

here goes with a few answers to your questions:

i am 56 years old, and i use a myriad of cosmetics from the drugstore and department store. rimmel, maybelline, l’oreal, revlon, estee lauder, shiseido, and laura mercier are a few of the brands i gravitate toward. as you age it’s important to change up your makeup and also how you apply it so i’ve tried to experiment a bit more, especially the past few months. i use concealer much more in my fifties because of the dark circles under my eyes – i’ve noticed that my skin is much thinner now than it used to be. i wear eyeliner on my upper lid only, but i swipe a little mascara on my lower lashes. if i had a daughter i would impress upon her the importance of a daily skin regime. great skin is the secret weapon to aging, and it begins with a morning and night routine. moisturizer is your best friend.

lastly, i do not live in a painted lady, although i love their distinct architectural flavor they lend to the landscape here in San Francisco!

xxoo beth