Hi, i am a 19 year old girl who loves fashion but the thing is that i find so difficult when my mom ask for my advice on how to dress. I dont always know what to do cause my style is so different on what she likes. So, can you give me an advice on what to do when my mom ask me for help?

hi anon,

so happy to hear you are a girl who loves fashion! to me the best part of fashion is its diversity and the freedom to develop our own unique style. what works for one person may not work for another as we come in all different shapes and sizes. i’m on the curvy side so even though i love nothing more than a button-up shirt i have to be careful because the buttons often pop open! (which is never a problem for those that are petite or slender. sigh.) but, there are definitely tools out there that can help us hone our individual style. one of my favorites is Pinterest which gives me endless ideas and inspiration to get my creative juices flowing. so when your mother asks for your help again, i would suggest the two of you sit down and have fun for an hour or two, scrolling through fashion posts on Pinterest. it’s super easy to plug in a few key words and see what pops up on your screen. then you can ask your mom which picture she likes, and why – she can even create her own board filled with all of her favorite posts that she can refer to when pulling together an outfit. maybe you can even start a mother/daughter board with your individual styles reflected side-by-side. for me, besides checking out different blogs Pinterest is definitely my ‘go-to’ tool for fashion advice.

xxoo beth